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Assignment 2 Gibson Reflection


I specifically liked completing this project because it allowed me to test out what I learned from the first assignment. I was listening to this song by The Shins called “Simple Song” and it made me think of waking up and just getting through my day in a way that would impact others somehow. With that in mind, I decided to capture every day moments from waking up to going to class to ending the day with just staring at the night sky as it fades to black.

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Alicia Lee Assignment 2 & 3: A Day at UofI

An Average Day of the Average Student







For assignment 2 and assignment 3, I decided to capture an average student’s day at UofI through picture and sound. After completing assignment 1 in such a rush, I wanted to do better on assignments 2 and 3. But after realizing that my life was pretty boring and nothing interesting was happening around me, I decided to capture my everyday life for this assignment. Because these pictures and sounds are ones that most students at UofI see and hear everyday, I wanted to bring them to life by capturing quality pictures and sounds.  Continue reading