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How To Dye Your Hair

Photo on 1-19-14 at 1.49 PMFor Assignment 6, we made “How to” videos and I did “How To Dye Your Hair”. I decided to be spontaneous before coming back to school after winter break and added a splash of purple to naturally brunette hair. Since it had been well over a month and the color was faded, I figured this would be a great topic for a “How to” video!

I know the first time I dyed my hair I had no idea what I was doing, and I’m sure other people feel the same way. According to The Marie Claire fashion and beauty section, “Hair color is an identity—when you change it, you can become a different person”. The Statistic Brain says that 75% of women dye their hair in some way, so this is obviously a relevant topic.

I am very pleased with the outcome of this video (and the results of touching up my purple hair.) To date, this is the project that I spent most time on, both filming and editing, and I think it shows. Dyeing hair on a normal day takes a good chunk of time, however when you are filming all the different steps it takes twice as long. I filmed two different days for this video, because I started shooting before getting my story board approved by Professor Collins and filmed some additional footage after getting her feedback. Even though it took extra time, I think that it improved the overall video and I’m glad I did it.

Original Story Board

Original Story Board

Not only did filming take a long time, but editing did as well.  Again, it is all worth it because I am proud of this video. I used to shoot and edit videos in high school, and it was always something I enjoyed. I am finally in the swing of producing videos again and it feels great! Could I have done things differently or made it better? Sure, there’s always room for improvements. One thing I was experimenting with was adding narration over the B-roll, but I decided against it. Although it would have enhanced the video I am still happy with the outcome.

I hope you like my Assignment 6 video as much as I do! Take a look and leave a comment below.