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International competition for Starbucks in the C-U

©Caffe Bene

©Caffe Bene

Caffe Bene, a very popular coffeehouse chain throughout East Asia opened its second outlet in campustown on Green Street. The first outlet is full almost every day and so they hope that a second location dead center of campus will help them reach out to more students. The new outlet will certainly add to the diversity of choice to students on campus who want to eat out or find a place to study.

Watch my video here.

Mumps Outbreak Subsides

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.59.11 PM

The UIUC Campus during fall. Picture was found on Reddit

Before students arrived back on campus in the fall, many large news outlets had reported of a mumps outbreak on the University of Illinois campus. Students were encouraged to get re-vaccinated before returning to campus. Three months into the school year and the chatter has died down. Now that the changing of the seasons is coming, many people will start to get the sniffles and some will get a common cold. Will students be able to tell the difference between this and mumps? Check out this video to learn the difference and see what students think of the mumps outbreak.

Information on mumps and how to prevent it can be found on McKinley Health Center’s website.

Assignment 3 Reflection Koshy


I took video of the rehearsals of a play titled Waiting for Godot produced by a campus theatre organization called Penny Dreadful Players. I had to capture footage for this assignment without remotely getting in the way of a busy production crew during rehearsals for the play. This meant that I was always getting out of the way of someone moving props or setting up lights, sometimes interrupting my shot. I feel like this was a good experience because it might continue to come in handy to practice getting my shots and leaving without really getting in the way of anyone at a given scene. I also managed to get an interview with a cast member to include into my video. Learning to add lower third titles, adjusting audio levels when using different clips, how to select only audio or only video from a selection on premier Pro are all useful lessons I learnt through this assignment.

Assignment 3 Video Essay: Koshy


Preparing for Play.

The theatre group Penny Dreadful Players presents Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, a dark comedy going to be presented at the Stock Pavillion, UIUC on 18 and 19 September 2015.

You can find additional details to the event here.

I was at rehearsal for the show as they went into their final week of practice before the show went up this weekend. You can find the video essay here.

A Changing World: Technology in Elementary Education

Alicia Lee

That’s Not How I Remember It! 


Students in an elementary classroom

When I went to elementary school, there was a whiteboard, an overhead, one computer for the teacher, and rooms with big, clunky computers lined up for us to use once in a while… But now, when you walk into an elementary school classroom, it seems as if you are walking into the future.

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The Strength to Leave

Shaquawna Langhorne

Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic Violence Awareness is Highlighted in October.  It’s often over shadowed by Breast Cancer awareness which is also celebrated in October. Breast Cancer is very important but Domestic Violence Claims thousands of lives every year nationally.  Are the lives of those victims not important also?

Leaving can save your life.

Leaving can save your life.

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