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Shanghai Ballet: The Butterfly Lovers

Written by Zeying Lang

An ancient tale from the East collides with the dancing form originated from the West. The Butterfly Lovers tells a love story between Zhu and Liang that happened in ancient China when it was a Patriarchal society.

Figure 1. Shanghai Ballet: The Butterfly Lover. (https://krannertcenter.com/events/shanghai-ballet-butterfly-lovers)
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Local C-U Band Takes on Feminism

 Liz Amanieh

Students, friends, musicians, and activists. This Champaign native band aims to do it all. Coming together in 2013, to do one thing: make good music.

The group is comprised of the vocal stylings of Emily Otnes, Joey Buttlar on the drums, Celine Broussard on accompanying vocals, Colin Althaus on the guitar, Nick Soria on bass guitar and Alley Weibel on the violin and vocals.


Tara Terra doing what they do best. Courtesy of Tara Terra.

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