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A fun look from the other side

A friend of mine, Zoe Replinger who played one of the scientist’s in the show. It is always cool to watch a friend of yours be able to perform!

“Because I am your Queen” was a wonderful show that offered an in depth look of feminists throughout history.

By: Daniel Corry

“Because I am your Queen” was a really fun show about famous women in power such as Queen Elizabeth, Shakespeare’s Hermione, and Medea all together at a secret interstellar day spa. The spa is run by scientists who figured out how to get all these women in the same place through time. They develop a plan to change history by making each female lead more confident, but will only work if each woman learns and changes something about themselves before they leave the spa.

I know, the premise is a little out there, but honestly I really enjoyed that aspect of it. This is not some silly spin on an old story, or some throwaway plot devise, this is a completely original idea with a feminist educational aspect thrown in as well.

As a man, I obviously haven’t grown up surrounded by stories of how women are written off or looked down on, and the way this show educated it’s audience while also driving a unique plot and using multiple real women in history was just a very fun ride for me. The story was funny, sometimes self aware of it’s own zany-ness, and did a good job of speaking of topics such as space, time travel, the patriarchy, and ancient history without getting the audience lost or bored and I really counted that as a job well done!

This show was really a blast to see and I was very proud of the entire cast and crew that put it together!

An Afternoon Full of Queens

An inspiring performance about feminism.

Written by: Leah Siegel

The Queens
Where the play took place

This weekend was Mom’s weekend at school and what better way to spend time with my lovely mom than to go see a play. We decided to go see Because I Am Your Queen at the Studio Theatre at Krannert by Mina Samuels and directed by Barbara Pitts McAdams.

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Vindicating Iconic Women

by Alia Muhammad Radzi

Booklet to Because I am your Queen

Stories usually have beginnings and endings; and the perspectives of those stories are called narratives. It’s often easier to swallow what is given then question, which is perhaps why, we accept stories of the past with powerful female protagonist, written by male authors, ending in somewhat a tragedy. Therefore, I appreciate what Because I am Your Queen is trying to present to the audience, especially in this time where there is a rise in female representation and reshaping narratives.

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International Women’s Day 2017

Recognizing the Importance of Women Everywhere

The members of Love Handles pose for a group shot after their performance Wednesday night at the ISchool.

Women’s History Month is celebrated nation-wide throughout the month of March. The University of Illinois’ Women’s Resources Center organized a number of events this month to recognize local women and girls who have strengthened UIUC’s campus and community.   Wednesday night, the WRC hosted a Women’s History Month Kick Off Event at the School of Information Sciences to celebrate women and International Women’s Day.  This year’s theme is Be Bold For Change.  The Champaign based musical group, Love  Handles, came out to perform feminist-powered songs.   Continue reading

Miss Empowered

Lead Designer of UI Startup Seeks to Empower Young Girls

A University of Illinois startup, Miss Possible, aims to empower young girls to dream big and challenge stereotypical career paths set by society for women. Lead Designer Kelly Lin has created a line of dolls, which girls can both play with and learn from.

These dolls are’t your typical Suzy Homemaker Barbie. The dolls are modeled after influential women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields). The fields within STEM are ones which are in dire need of women. The vision is that by showing young girls all the possibilities available to them, these girls will not be deterred to pursue careers dominated by men.



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