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Rolston String Quartet

Written by Sihan Wang

Last night I went to the Krannert center watched “Rolston String Quartet”. I enjoyed it very much, similar to the violin-piano duet concert. Although I didn’t hear any familiar song that I might hear before this time, the pieces that they played yesterday was still pretty good.

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Amazing puppet show

Written by Sihan Wang

Last night I went to the Krannert Center watched “No Blue Memories-The Life Of Gwendolyn Brooks”, which is a Shadowplay. The huge Christmas trees looked very good. 

Before I went, I actually have no idea what it is going to be like, I even thought it was going to be like an opera play but only with puppets, but it turns out that the puppet that I know wasn’t the kind of “puppet” that they used on stage. The puppet that they used is all kinds of different shape of people that they cut from paper. This performance was very interesting; I have never seen such a performance with such creativity, it feels like watching an old black & white movie in this modern day, but with no outdated techniques. Continue reading

Lovely Love Story

Written by Sihan Wang

Last night I went to Krannert center Tryon Festival Theater watched a romantic comedy La Bohème, the play was written by Giacomo Puccini, an Italian writer. When I went to inside the theater it was pretty quiet.

It started with the two co-directors introducing the play and made some jokes. Continue reading