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Music to Your Eyes – Assignment 2 Reflection

I’ve always been a music aficionado, so knowing that I wanted to cover something aurally stimulating, the challenge was finding something that was also visually interesting. Monday night’s Community Gamelan seemed like the perfect opportunity. When I walked into this tiny classroom in the music building, I was blown away by the beautifully polished, intricately designed Indonesian percussion instruments. The group leader and the students were very welcoming and accommodating as I tiptoed around the room snapping pictures, careful not to disturb the musical direction. The entire session went on for two hours, though I got everything I needed in just a half hour.


Pictures weren’t particularly difficult to get, though I struggled capturing fast hand movements over the instruments. A lot of those shots turned out blurry. I still made out with some pretty good ones, though. Recording sound was a little more difficult, especially since this was my first time using this recorder. I wasn’t sure which mic sensitivity to use in such a loud, small room, so I recorded different segments at levels 8, 6, 4 and 2. 6 and 4 seemed to turn out best. I should have more than enough quality audio to use on assignment 3.

The Final Cut aspect of this assignment was actually very simple. I was pretty surprised at how easy it is to learn, though I know there is a lot more I will be doing with it later on.

Overall, I had fun and didn’t feel stressed at any point during this assignment. So here’s the final product!

Assignment 2



From camera fundamentals to fika fundamentals


The first assignment was daunting. It was so cold outside the past few days, I resorted to taking pictures in my apartment. I think that worked out in my favor, though. It allowed me to stay warm while I figure out how to use my camera. Being able to sit and fiddle with the camera really helped. Continue reading

Multimedia Memories: A Glimpse of the Future

Photo taken from google images.

Photo taken from google images.

Walk with me through my experience as a student in Professor Collins’ Multimedia Journalism class where I discovered new and honed existing skills. 

Day one of Multimedia Journalism 410 with Professor Collins was not the first time I had set foot in the multimedia lab. I remember back in March of 2012 when I came to the University of Illinois for Mediapalooza as a prospective student. It was in this lab, as I completed a fast-paced task involving iPad apps, that I decided to apply to the media college. Continue reading