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An Evening of True Talent

It is truly entertaining to spend an hour (or two) watching someone who is a master of their craft.

By: Daniel Corry

Seeing Michael Tilson Thomas conduct and describe his music so beautifully was an absolute pleasure to watch.

I must be completely transparent and admit I usually dislike going to symphonies. As a child who grew up on Disney movies and video games, I have been spoiled with fantastical visuals when I hear beautiful music. So to be robbed of those completely when at the symphony simply feels like a lack luster experience to me. I always feel lost, and end up trying to imagine what the music is “supposed” to be about, and then simply get bored or frustrated because I feel wrong.

However, I really appreciated the little stories Michael gave before his pieces. The story of the woman who passed away, and was made a medley of her favorite classical pieces, along with the story that they only played the notes that were letters in her name (If I heard that correctly), was a nice place to frame my mind for listening. I thought much less about the music, and about the woman. I imagined her spirit being in Krannert with us, being overjoyed that people were enjoying the tune that was written just for her. That song specifically was a very memorable moment for me.

Lastly, I shocked myself at being able to actually enjoy the song that lasted about 45 minutes! As one with a wild imagination, I find it hard to do most things for 45 minutes, let alone sitting still and listening to classical music, but; for reasons unknown to me, I rather enjoyed all of it, and I truly think it had to do with the passion that radiated from Michael’s conducting.