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Photo Essay: Fraternal Fun.

And thus, the ball starts rolling. I definitely felt much more confident going into this assignment than I did the first. It didn’t take me very long to hone in on a topic for my photo essay; my fraternity served as a wonderful point of focus for my efforts. The added bonus of it being our rush season gave me added enthusiasm for the project.

The Phi Kappa Theta crest, which displays all of our values and beliefs.

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Assignment 1 Henke


I had a lot of fun getting to know my camera. I have never had the opportunity to work with this advanced of a camera, so I went a little overkill with it. I took over 200 pictures and videos of people and places. My friends were getting really annoyed with me, which only made me want to take more. It wasn’t very fun though when I got to class, though. I had a hard time sorting through all of the footage, and I was constantly falling behind when Professor Collins was giving directions. It all worked out though, and a link to my published work can be found here.