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Perfection: Free Throw Edition

How to Shoot a Perfect Free Throw

Basketball is a game loved all over the world. It spans over generations and generations and has played a unifying role in uniting individuals of all different kinds of backgrounds. Naturally, with my love for this great sport, I wanted to do my project on one of the most important fundamentals of basketball which has won and lost many games throughout history: the free throw.

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How to Shoot a Free Throw

For our How-to assignment, I decided to demonstrate how to shoot a free throw. There’s an outdoor basketball court near my dorm, and I thought a sports activity would be a good way to have a sequence shot. I tried to imitate the baseball clip we saw in class by having a shot of the ball in air. And at the end of the video, I added a comedic element by missing the shot a few times and having the “several hours later” showing with circus music.

At this point I feel a lot more comfortable using Adobe. But there are still tons of things about it that I don’t know about that I’m sure would help. I spent just about all of our 3 hour class editing this video, and I’m sure I could have done it faster and better if I knew more about the software. But overall I think I did well relative to my other projects. This is the first time I added music, and it turned out to be really easy. I just found a site that had sound which was royalty free, saved the sound I wanted, and imported the sound to Adobe.