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La Bohème: A Unique View into Young Love

Written By: Nora Guerrero
When one images an opera, one may think of a very large venue with cascading seats above and attendees in their long dresses and fancy suits. However, this was not the case for what I experienced at my first opera. La Bohème, directed by Nathan Gunn and joined by conductor Donald Schleicher, made for a sweet combination of talent reflected in the music and the actors. If you have not been to an opera before, this may be the best to watch to dip your feet in the waters.

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The French Corner – Assignment 4 Goethals

For this project, I was initially stressed out about finding sources and putting together a complete package. After I did my first interview, I went to the actual even, Pause Café, and accidentally recorded over everything I had just done. The source from the first interview was not available to talk to me again before my deadline, so I had to think on my feet and find a different source. Needless to say, after that I was much more careful with my recorder.

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