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Friday Frisbee Fellowship

It’s a Friday afternoon. Many are out of class, or at least close to that point. What’s the best way to unwind? According to Illini Navigators, the answer is Ultimate Frisbee.

Illini Navigators, a Christian ministry on campus, is well known for being a very open organization and for hosting a number of outdoor events. One of the most enduring staples of this group’s culture is Frisbee.

A Frisbee, which gets thrown around (almost) more than Trump throws around the words China and “Yuge.” Picture Credits https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frisbee#/media/File:Frisbee_090719.jpg

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Assignment 1 Wright

IMG_0601Coming into this assignment I felt so overwhelmed from the amount of work that was thrown at us in the first week. At the beginning of this assignment I thought this was going to be the most demanding class I’d ever taken.

However, as I went throughout the assignment it seemed like I reached a “light at the end of the tunnel” moment. The filming was a fun experience, and the editing became easier as I learned the short keys and all the ins and outs. Once I finally got through the process I realized how much fun it actually was and now I am very excited for what is in store throughout the rest of the semester.

My video can be viewed here.