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Makeup- Fun night out watching Opera Senses!

By: Basith A. Syed

For those of you reading this blog and don’t know what opera senses are, they are a collection of acts from musical operas. In this show, I had the pleasure of watching twelve students how we’re extremely talented singers and dedicated to putting on a truly spectacular show without any hiccups.

Since this show was free there was no ticket.

I was fortunate enough to share this experience with one of my best friends from High school. He was so enticed by the performance he agreed to watch another live performance the following day. I wish I was able to take pictures but unfortunately, a lady sitting next to us told us to put our phone away and no pictures were allowed.

My favorite scene and the list of the participants.

I am going to try my best, to describe my favorite scene. In this sense, there were six women all wearing black and were performing various dances while trying to portray being wives of some cruel bozo who divorced three of his wife’s and “beheaded” two of his wife’s. The scene comes to an end when the sixth wife tells the audience how she escaped.

Overall the scenes were short and gave you all types of feeling from a few being funny, sad and cheerful. I truly enjoyed it and it isn’t a bad idea to watch the opera scenes with a date because it was an emotional rollercoaster.

Makeup: Cariñosa at Multicultural Night

Written by Danielle Herrera

Various cultural-based student organizations perform and showcase their talents in front of a large student section at the Ikenberry.

On a quiet Thursday night, the Multicultural Advocates of Ikenberry South held its regular Multicultural Night in the IKE multipurpose room. The event was filled with performances from different cultural organizations, along with free shirts, food, and information about different cultures. Performances ranged from dancing K-pop to singing national anthems to reciting poetry; through it all, the unique aspects of each culture being represented definitely shone through each display of talent. In addition, the large crowd was noticeably diverse; people of all different backgrounds and colors came out to support their fellow classmates in representing their heritage and what their culture means to them.

I attended the multicultural night as a performer from PSA, or the Philippine Student Association organization here at UIUC. We danced the Cariñosa, which is a traditional Philippine folk dance that was derived from Hispanic roots. Cariñosa means loving or affectionate when translated in English, which is exactly the impression that this dance gives off; the movements of the Cariñosa are flirty and romantic, and with the addition of long flowy skirts and fans the such gestures are emphasized. Our dance in total was around 5 minutes long, beginning with the introductory bows to our partners and ending with the men and women holding up a handkerchief and facing the audience in a cheerful demeanor. The performance was quite simple and short, however it was still a very enjoyable experience.

Overall, I loved attending the Multicultural night; being able to watch students perform their culture’s traditional dances, songs, etc. reminded me how diverse UIUC is, and made me feel more welcomed on campus. In addition, I’ve only performed one other traditional Filipino dance so it was a nice experience to learn a different type of folk dance and be able to show it to others who embrace their culture as well. I’m glad the MA’s were able to hold an event like this, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about other cultures here at UIUC.

For more information on the multicultural advocates who held this event, visit https://housing.illinois.edu/living-options/why-housing/inclusive-communities/multicultural-advocates.


Fun way to close out the semester!

This event was by far the best event. I think what I liked the most was being able to either get up and dance or just sit and relax and watch everything around me. It was a very free event where anybody could participate and have fun with their friends. I really enjoyed just sitting down and watching everything. The music was also nice and it surprisingly didn’t feel long and drawn out. This was the perfect event to end the semester with.

A Night of Dancing at the Krannert Center

DJ Booth

In retrospect, I believe that last night’s event was my favorite one of the entire semester.  It felt nice to be so close to what was happening. Also, this was not a structured event, it was more of an impromptu performance.  All of the people dancing and mingling with each other created a positive energy in the space that spread to everyone attending, whether it be other dancers or the people watching, like myself. There were people of all ages, races, nationalities and cultures. Everyone was just there to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Some people came alone and others in groups, but everyone was quickly swallowed by the dance floor and welcomed by all. Even if you were not dancing, it still felt like you were involved simply by watching. I think that this was a great choice of a final performance for the class.

Before the night started
Halfway through the night

Assignment 2 Li






Another week went by and it is time to present my assignment 2 covering topics about excitement and hope. Instead of randomly choosing places on campus to take photos, I picked the Chinese New Year party, an event hosted by Taiwanese Student Association, to be the theme for this particular assignment. Personally, I believe the event is just perfect to shoot photos that include happiness and excitement.

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Assignment 3 – Photo Essay Crittenden


For our third assignment, we had to craft a Photo Essay that formulated a story with not only the images or video we provided, but also with sound that narrated the story we were trying to tell. I tried to create a story from something that may be seen as a very simple task and decided to focus on something common for the average college student.


I titled my project “Passing Time” and focused on a subject that was engrained in a simple hobby, playing video games. My own work was interesting to me because at a glance it seems like all this person is doing was playing video games, but as I began to focus on the concentration the subject had on the task he was doing, as well as the body positioning, the hands, and the eyes, it started to tell a story on its own. The focus the subject had was the focus I see many people have when they are drawn in to a game that they are playing. Playing games is such a common past time, and it is funny to see the concentration people will put into their game (but maybe not always their school work).