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Grange Grove

For my photo essay assignment, I chose to capture the essence of Grange Grove located outside of Memorial Stadium. On a game day, Grange Grove and its surrounding area is crowded with countless Illini fans covering the area in orange. The time I chose to take these photos was different because it wasn’t on a Saturday afternoon before the Illinois football team kicks off. Instead, I took these photos on a Sunday evening when the sky was dimmed, and the only life around the stadium was mostly that of cars passing by on their way back to campus.

With the stadium lit with orange and blue reflection lights throughout the front panels, the gold Red Grange statue stands out amongst the grassy field and walkway leading up to it.

As the night comes to a close, the sky goes dark, but Memorial Stadium remains lit to brighten the south end of campus. It may be quiet now, but come Saturday, Grange Grove will once again be filled with Illini fans of all ages patiently waiting for yet another Illinois win.


Red Grange statue located outside of Memorial Stadium, Champaign , IL

You can view my photo essay without sound here, or click here to view it with sound.