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Buddy Guy Spurs The Crowd at Krannert

Urbana-Champaign gets a taste of the legendary blues icon

Written by Edward Huang

A projection against the wall at the beginning of the concert

On September 7th, fans of old and new gathered at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts to watch Buddy Guy perform. Their energy filled the concert venue long before he appeared on stage. Whether they were addicted to his vibe or simply respecting his art, the fans could not wait for him arrive.

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Pat Metheny Rocked the House

The stage before Metheny and his companions took command of it

Pat Metheny left the crowd in the Tyron Festival Theater Room in awe during and after his performance on September 6th, 2019.

Written by Catherine Webber

As a part of the 2019 Ellnora Guitar Festival at the Krannert Center, Pat Metheny performed on Friday, September 6th to a crowd who left feeling amazed by Metheny’s talent. Metheny was joined on stage by a pianist and drummer who added to the electricity of the concert. The other musicians were much younger than the sixty-five-year-old Metheny and Metheny commented at the start of the concert that their age made them make and understand music differently than he did which he appreciated so much. It was a concert that people will not likely forget anytime soon.

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Marcus Tardelli: Master Guitarist

Marcus Tardelli performs a masterful solo performance at the Krannert Center.

Written by: Bill Xun

Photo by Bill Xun

On Wednesday night, Marcus Tardelli performed a solo set consisting of arrangements of classical pieces and traditional Brazilian pieces. It was easy to see the passion that he plays with from the beginning of the first piece. From slow melodic pieces to fast skillful pieces, it was never a dull moment at the performance.

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Marcus Tardelli: The Passion of Guitar

Written by Tim Gao

Photo by Tim Gao

Last night, at Krannert Center for Performing Art, there was a guitar concert performed by a Brazilian genius, called Marcus Tardelli. When he was still a child, his talents of guitar started to show up. Marcus Tardelli likes to listen and memorize all of the notes about the song. After that, he will replay the song he heard and even ask his teacher for more songs. Because of Tardelli’s extraordinary ability in guitar, he started to give concerts in this hometown. Since then, Tardelli started to listen to more genres of music, such as symphony orchestras, jazz, European classical, and Brazilian music. He perfectly combines the music with other genres of music from the world, to give the audience an idea that how amazing guitar could be. The show in the Foellinger Great Hall was a rare opportunity to witness all of these.

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Marcus Tardelli: The Energy of Music

Written by: Nora Guerrero

Watching and listening to Marcus Tardelli from the center of the auditorium, my attention was completely captivated by his intricate playing of the guitar. When one listens to music at home, the multiple instruments in a song can get lost. Viewing Tardelli live however, there was only one instrument in focus.

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Visual Music

As I entered the Great Hall, there was instructions about the way you should behave. I heard how you must turn off your phone, no pictures, no nothing, in which I completely agree with because that would be very

Photo by Maty Patino

disturbing to the rest of the audience. It is like being in the theater and seeing a person being on social media, might as well not go. While being at home, we do not get instructions on how to behave. One of the things I noticed was that in the program it did not say what songs he was going to play. It was a great experience because we do not know what to expect. When at home listening to music, we always know what song is coming up. However, at Tardelli’s concert, it was very intriguing not knowing what song he was going to play after.

When being on Spotify or apple music, you only get to listen to the singer’s voice. Unless you go on youtube and look at them recording their song, then you will get a feeling of how they felt during it. As I watched Tardelli, I was able to see his expressions and have a sense of what he felt like playing the song. Seeing the artist somehow made me feel as if I was playing the music. The faster he would play, or the “happier” the music, the more he would move. Tardelli would hardly look at what he was playing, which made me think that everything was coming from the heart.  He was expressing himself through music. Some of us do not need words, but sounds.

Photo by Maty Patino

The Magic of the Music

Written by Emily Reeter

The guitar player, Marcus Tardelli, came to the city of Champaign-Urbana for the first time and performed a variety of phenomenal guitar pieces.  He was a natural talent, and played upbeat, emotional, and calming music so gracefully with his smooth fingers.  The atmosphere was different than anything I had been to before.  The guitar and the music streaming from it had the eyes and attention of every audience member.  The public was mesmerized by the notes, the performance, and the passion of the musician.  It was a giant, elegant hall filled with eager crowds, however, there was no chit chatting.  Just fascinated eyes and open ears.  It was unique and varied from music within my home because of the radiating high energy and passion.  If I were to listen music at home,  I’d most likely multitask and listen to the music, but mostly keep my focus on the activity at hand.  However, in this engaging environment the sounds were the focus.  Everyone was engulfed in the emotion and the culture of the music opposed to daily tasks and distractions. Also, in my household I tend to listen to the most popular hits or what’s trending, whereas at this event I got the opportunity to listen to a lot of different cultural music that was popular in other countries.  I enjoyed that because I wouldn’t normally be exposed to much diversity in the musical world.  It was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t have had access to in the comfort of my own, I’m glad I had the opportunity to take part in this performance at Krannert.

Strapping Acoustics with Malec Caudell

Budding musician instructs on strapping acoustic guitars.

My old friend, Eleanor the guitar. We aren’t the best sounding duo, but it’s a work in progress!

To check out my tutorial, click here.

Acoustic guitars are beautiful sounding instruments (once you know how to play them). However, something that’s always bugged me is how some have two notches for a strap, while others only have one. I’m a left handed guitarist, and as such, the selection for me is pretty slim, so naturally I ended up with an one-notch set up. I was disgruntled at first, but then my brother, who has been playing guitar for about 11 years, blessed me with the knowledge of how to strap a guitar even when it doesn’t have two notches. I was so tickled that I decided to share my new found knowledge with everyone else.

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How to Play Barre Chords on a Guitar


Holding a chord ©strommeninc

For my how to video, I chose to show how to hold a barre chord on a guitar.

Barre chords are traditionally preferred to the regular way of holding chords because it is easy to transition between them quickly, and also because the barre chords offer a fuller sound.

Barre chords are typically what you learn once you have learned the basics of guitar and holding basic chords.

You can watch my video here.

This is a useful graphic that tells you how to play different bar chords.


Here is a link to 4 essential barre chords.