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From the tutorial to the final boss: My journey through Multimedia

As told through the perspective of someone who has way too much time to spend on playing video games.

My friends standing in our old classroom the day our high school closed. The memories from this place helped shape me into the person I am today.

Rescuing the princess? That’s easy since she’s always in another castle! Avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles? All it takes is a little mix of practice, skill and trial-and-error. Defeating the final boss? Determination, my dear friend! Lots and lots of determination.

Getting through this class was a lot like playing a video game, maybe except for the whole princess thing. When you pick up a new game for the very first time, you don’t just quit if the first level is too difficult. The same was for this class; you struggle through, level up your skills, gain some allies, solve your problems and conquer that final assignment! Continue reading

Fuzzy Therapy Reflection Ogrodnik


Azula the hamster reaches for her carrot with determination.

I’m back again, and this time with sound! Have you ever heard the “cooing” sound a guinea pig makes when you pet its bottom? If not, then you’re going to enjoy my latest video. If you have, then you’re going to enjoy it anyway because it’s just so darn cute to hear.  Continue reading

Assignment 2 Reflection Ogrodnik

For the next assignment, we had to do a “photo essay.” Now, I’m really good with words, but I’m not that good with photos, so this kind of mash-up sounds like a TV sitcom or a buddy-cop film. Unfortunately, no words were involved in the making of my essay, so that idea can be scrapped.


Cecil, the guinea pig, in his formal attire.


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