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Mumps Outbreak Subsides

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.59.11 PM

The UIUC Campus during fall. Picture was found on Reddit

Before students arrived back on campus in the fall, many large news outlets had reported of a mumps outbreak on the University of Illinois campus. Students were encouraged to get re-vaccinated before returning to campus. Three months into the school year and the chatter has died down. Now that the changing of the seasons is coming, many people will start to get the sniffles and some will get a common cold. Will students be able to tell the difference between this and mumps? Check out this video to learn the difference and see what students think of the mumps outbreak.

Information on mumps and how to prevent it can be found on McKinley Health Center’s website.

How to: Prevent the Flu

It’s that time of the year again, flu season.

(Produced and Narrated by Steven Bardwell)

What will you do when influenza strikes your apartment complex or you begin hearing the lecture hall sniffles?  People are starting to stay indoors as the cold weather rolls in, but that does not mean you have to go through another winter waiting for the flu bug to reach you.


Chicken and Noodle Soup

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All Hands on Deck, Keeping that Academic Stress in Check


My roommate, Angel, stresses out at the amount of homework that needs to be done.

Stress levels rise as students deal with constant pressure from piles of homework, extracurricular activities to go to, work that needs to be done and everything else school-related. As college students, there is plenty on our minds. But one thing we shouldn’t have to worry about is the negative effects stress can have on our health and well-being.

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Psychics, Spiritual, Fate

We are the masters of our own fate. But some of us turn to psychics for those unanswered questions. Take a look at how psychics help visitors at Urbana’s Spiritual Health Fair.

Steven Davis claims that he was born psychic. He is based in Springfield, IL and has been reading professionally for about seven years. He says he was called to do this.

Steven says he tries to help people help themselves. He uses tarot cards, stones, and candles to read the future.

It’s uncertain that psychics know our fate. They claim to foresee our failures and triumphs. But, one thing is for sure: we become what we chose to believe.


Soul Body Works

Some healers actually believe they can massage out your negative emotions. Take a look at how a lower back massage can remove anxiety.

Massage Therapist David Wolf first sits down with his patients to find out what exactly makes them sad. He then incorporates a technique he calls body mind integration to alleviate stress and disease. Here he focuses on his patient’s lower back in order get rid of her stress and anxiety.

David believes our emotional state affects our bodies.  So the next time you’re stressed go visit David at Soul Body Works in Urbana-Champaign.