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Curing a case of the Hiccups!

How To: Stop your Hiccups

Mia Reggi Assignment 5

Can’t stop those inevitable hiccups that pop in day-to-day life? Learn how to rid them quickly with some quick easy tips in my how-to piece! Hiccups can come up in daily life often unexpectedly and in public. It is useful to have a number of ways to stop them before them can become irritating or disruptive.

When first coming up for an idea on what to do my how to piece on I had some difficulty choosing just one thing. There is an area where we could show a bit of our personality as well as creativity. Because hiccups are something that nearly all people have experienced or will experience more than once in their lifetime I thought this was both a newsworthy and suitable story because it it a relatable topic that I could have some fun doing.

One technique to curing hiccups!

One technique to curing hiccups!

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Hiccups? No thanks!

In assignment 6, I decided to go ultra simple for my how-to video: how to cure the hiccups.


While playing Cards Against Humanity, Cristina got the hiccups. She used my three step trick to get rid of them.

Hiccups are common to just about everyone, and it seems like there are a million different ways to cure the hiccups. I decided to share my trick after failing with many others. I learned this one in the middle of a meal at Steak n Shake, and it worked right away.

Generally, hiccups are not dangerous. They can frequent between four and sixty hiccups a minute. That means you could hiccup once a second, which could be painful! There are some medical conditions that cause more serious and long-lasting hiccups that may need treatment. These include but are not limited to anorexia, meningitis, kidney failure, and heart attacks. Continue reading

How to cure the hiccups: Storyboard

I decided to pick a very basic topic for my how-to video: how to cure the hiccups. There are lots of tricks people try, but I learned one a few months back that seems to work very well for me.

Please excuse the not-so-great picture of my storyboard. For some reason, my scanned version decided not to cooperate, and the paper got crumpled when I was filming, so I had to resort to taking a picture of the storyboard.


I have finished a lot of the filming already. I am excited to see how it turns out.