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“Homecoming Dress Drive” Assign 4- Smith


My Sister’s Keeper flyer to advertise their first annual Homecoming Dress Drive (via member’s Tierra B Instagram page). .

Homecoming is right around the corner so I’ve decided to do my audio piece on a student led homecoming dress drive! 😀 The organization, My Sister’s Keeper, from University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign’s campus is the brains behind it. They’ve decided to put on the drive to help girls that are from lower income background and who could not afford to look pretty on their special day otherwise. I thought this was such a great idea!

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Preparing for the University of Illinois Homecoming

Story By: Colleen Cavanagh

Homecoming week and weekend are always major events that take much planning during the Fall at the University of Illinois.


Events such as the Homecoming Pep Rally, Parade and Bags Tournament are exciting and highly anticipated here at U of I. While these events are fun and most always have a great turn-out, they are not planned by themselves. Much work goes into planning each event, while ensuring the campus is kept safe with the major influx of people around campus during Homecoming.

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