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How To: No Bake Play-Doh

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A play-doh mess is the best kind of mess!

Play-doh is the stuff childhood is made of. It’s even better if kids can make their own version.

This recipe is just as much fun to make as it is to play with. With this no bake how-to video, you and your pint-sized assistant can make four cups of colorful fun.  Continue reading

How-to make a three-pointer

Patty Mills celebrates after hitting a three for the San Antonio Spurs (Photo courtesy of The Brian Method)

Patty Mills celebrates after hitting a three for the San Antonio Spurs (Photo courtesy of The Brian Method)

As basketball has adapted to analytics over recent years, players have begun to embrace a new style.


There have always been boundaries to the game of basketball.

In the past, if a kid wasn’t tall enough or strong enough, he or she would usually not have a chance moving forward in the game. In recent years, there has been a different trend evolving in the game. Continue reading

Assignment 1 Wright

IMG_0601Coming into this assignment I felt so overwhelmed from the amount of work that was thrown at us in the first week. At the beginning of this assignment I thought this was going to be the most demanding class I’d ever taken.

However, as I went throughout the assignment it seemed like I reached a “light at the end of the tunnel” moment. The filming was a fun experience, and the editing became easier as I learned the short keys and all the ins and outs. Once I finally got through the process I realized how much fun it actually was and now I am very excited for what is in store throughout the rest of the semester.

My video can be viewed here.

From the tutorial to the final boss: My journey through Multimedia

As told through the perspective of someone who has way too much time to spend on playing video games.

My friends standing in our old classroom the day our high school closed. The memories from this place helped shape me into the person I am today.

Rescuing the princess? That’s easy since she’s always in another castle! Avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles? All it takes is a little mix of practice, skill and trial-and-error. Defeating the final boss? Determination, my dear friend! Lots and lots of determination.

Getting through this class was a lot like playing a video game, maybe except for the whole princess thing. When you pick up a new game for the very first time, you don’t just quit if the first level is too difficult. The same was for this class; you struggle through, level up your skills, gain some allies, solve your problems and conquer that final assignment! Continue reading

A quick, cheap meal for a college student


A box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Making dinner on a budget

College students, no matter the time of the month nor their financial situation always seem to be skimping on food. Cutting back on daily nutrients isn’t good for any reason so instead of missing meals, college students should eat smaller, less expensive items, like macaroni and cheese, supplemented with bigger meals throughout the day.

While I won’t say that the quick and easy meal of macaroni and cheese will save all the problems of what to eat while in college, I will say that mac ‘n cheese is a cheap way to replenish the calories that easily escape your body.

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Dapper Up For Spring

Learn to Tie a Bow Tie

Look dapper for any formal event with a proper bow tie

Look dapper for any formal event with a proper bow tie

With springtime right around the corner, people are starting to turn their thoughts towards flying kites, picnics and walks in the park. After months of nothing but snow and ice, everyone is ready to embrace the warm weather. Not only do outdoor activities become more popular, but it’s also the season for formal events. Continue reading

Releasing Your Own Music

Musicians are utilizing the Internet to self-publish their own work

Sean Neumann

Photo of Eli Tracy listening to music he published


The dawn of the Internet changed a lot of things in our lives, but the music industry was completely spun around with this new tool for artistry.

Musicians used to have to “make it” and sign a record deal before actually getting the chance to record and release their own music, but now with the advantages of the Internet, anyone with a microphone and some time on their hands can put out an album all by themselves.

First came Myspace.com, allowing musicians to create networks of fans and friends, and getting their music out into the world for free. But in 2008, Bandcamp.com changed the way do-it-yourself musicians were able to promote their music throughout this online community that was created.

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Study: Processed foods may be expanding, hurting your gut

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A recent study has linked food additives to chronic inflammatory diseases. Choosing a smoothie for breakfast instead of a bowl of cereal or granola bar will minimize the amount of additives you consume.

Researchers find link between additives
and chronic inflammatory diseases

By Klaudia Dukala

Despite the guilty feelings that come with them, sugary, processed breakfast foods like cereals and granola bars usually top the list of most people’s morning must-haves. But those guilty feelings are about to get a whole lot worse because with those types of breakfast foods come additives, and with additives may come various chronic inflammatory diseases, including those associated with obesity, according to research published last month in the journal Nature.

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