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Jack Yalowitz: Illini Leader on and off of the field — Polcyn Assignment 4

STORY: (check out my audio story right here) 

All teams have leaders, and while in most cases leaders are veterans of the team, it is a little bit different for Illinois baseball.

Jack Yalowitz is just a sophomore, but after getting valuable experience last season, he is ready to lead his team.  Continue reading

Best in the Midwest – Blanco


I-L-L….I-N-I! Go Illini Go!

On a surprising warm afternoon, I decided to go out and shoot how great our campus is. I wanted to make a campus tour video to show each and everyone that the University of Illinois is the “Best in the Midwest”.  While I took my tour while I was in high school, it amazed me how nice our campus is. The point of this is to express how grateful I am to attend an institution like this and encourage others to apply and attend as well.

Picture of the Bell Tower on Gregory Street

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Fear and Hope in Gymnastics

Gymnast Rae Balthazor mentally prepares to begin her bar routine at the Pink Meet on Jan. 29.

Hi there! This assignment challenged me in many ways, but my biggest struggle was coming up with a story idea. I will admit, after I finished Assignment 1, I peaked ahead to look at this upcoming project. I was so excited to see another opportunity to take still photographs in a photo essay. However, when I arrived in class, I quickly learned this assignment had an additional requirement that was announced by Professor Collins.  Continue reading

Empowerment in Multimedia Reporting

headshotOn the first day of multimedia reporting, Professor Collins went around the room and asked everyone to introduce themselves. From the back row, I told the class that I was a junior majoring in agricultural communications with an emphasis on journalism. Professor Collins’ response was, “So you have no experience with this?” It was true that I had very little experience with photo, video, and audio even though I had completed the prerequisite courses. I felt I had to prove myself, so from the start, I took this course seriously.

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A Journey Through Multimedia Journalism


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 2.53.07 PM

A photo of myself.

Just signing up for this class stressed me out. I knew it would be full of projects and equipment I didn’t know how to use. I was right but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. I learned SO much, by messing up and trying again and asking for help. Asking for help is key in this class, and starting the project early. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Starting early will save you from missing an assignment or pulling an all-nighter.

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Assignment 3 Bradley – Adding Audio

I did my project on a ride on an MTD bus.

I did my project on a ride on an MTD bus.

When I walked into the classroom to add audio to my video, I had no idea it would be as difficult as it was.

I was able to compile all of my audio and insert it into premier just the way I wanted it. That was just about the only easy part of my entire experience… Continue reading

ILLINI FB: All Ears On The Quarterback Competition

This assignment really reminded me of Journalism 435, and I love it! Radio  is one of my favorite types of mediums, because it allows the audio to tell the story.

Illini Quarterback Hopeful, Reilly O'Toole

Illini Quarterback Hopeful, Reilly O’Toole

For my assignment, I did the quarterback competition, because it is probably the most talked about aspect of Spring football. I wanted people to be able to get an actual, concrete, information filled story from my audio, so I wanted great sources. I got soundbytes from the head coach, one of the quarterbacks, and a sportswriter, in order to show all aspects of the issue.

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NIT provides road experience for young Illinois basketball

My nat sound is from the Big Ten Tournament.

The Illinois men’s basketball team waits for Michigan to inbound the ball in the quarterfinal of the Big Ten Tournament on Friday.

The Illinois men’s basketball team will be playing in the NIT starting on Wednesday. I went to the Big Ten Tournament this weekend, and I went to media availability on Sunday night following the team’s selection to the tournament. I also went to practice on Tuesday to get more quotes for my story.

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Inside Look at Wheelchair Athletics

University of Illinois sophomore, Arielle Rausin, training for the Boston Marathon in April.

University of Illinois sophomore, Arielle Rausin, training for the Boston Marathon in April.

It’s hard to believe that we are already on Assignment 5! It’s crazy how much we have progressed in just a few short weeks. I know I feel much more confident with my filming and editing skills.

For Assignment 5 I went to the Disability Resources & Educational Services Facility (DRES) and filmed one of the wheelchair track athletes while she was training on the “rollers”. These are stationary wheelchair track chairs that the people use when they don’t go outside. Arielle Rausin is currently a sophomore and was going a total distance of 18 miles. I got multiple angles of her and the racing chair as well as interviews from a DRES volunteer and PT intern who both assist the athletes.

I thought this project turned out well. I like how the music went with the footage and interviews. I think the nat sound was also a good part of the project. The one thing I wish I could have filmed is athletes working out in the DRES gym which is upstairs from where there track athletes train. I feel like this would have enhanced the video showing other people working out besides Arielle, but unfortunately there were no other students in the gym at the time that she went to practice.

Take a look at my Assignment 5 and let me know what you think!