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Grange Grove- Reflection Mroz

For this assignment, I chose to take pictures of Grange Grove, which is located outside of Memorial Stadium. I really enjoyed this assignment. The subject itself, Grange Grove, was something I am very familiar with and something I have experienced both on game days and on off days. For this reason, I think it was easier for me to fully engage my self in the photography. Since I chose a big area for my subject, it made it easier to get different angles and camera shots.

The only real issue I had with this assignment was exporting the video itself in order to upload it onto YouTube. However, Dr. Collins assisted me with this process, and the problem was easily solved.

This assignment was much less stressful than the first assignment was, and I have some nice photos as memories of one of my favorite places on campus as a result! I can already tell that I am really going to enjoy this class. The assignments are more than just homework, but things that I can really build off of and use to my advantage to build a great portfolio.




Grange Grove, Memorial Stadium, Champaign, IL

Grange Grove

For my photo essay assignment, I chose to capture the essence of Grange Grove located outside of Memorial Stadium. On a game day, Grange Grove and its surrounding area is crowded with countless Illini fans covering the area in orange. The time I chose to take these photos was different because it wasn’t on a Saturday afternoon before the Illinois football team kicks off. Instead, I took these photos on a Sunday evening when the sky was dimmed, and the only life around the stadium was mostly that of cars passing by on their way back to campus.

With the stadium lit with orange and blue reflection lights throughout the front panels, the gold Red Grange statue stands out amongst the grassy field and walkway leading up to it.

As the night comes to a close, the sky goes dark, but Memorial Stadium remains lit to brighten the south end of campus. It may be quiet now, but come Saturday, Grange Grove will once again be filled with Illini fans of all ages patiently waiting for yet another Illinois win.


Red Grange statue located outside of Memorial Stadium, Champaign , IL

You can view my photo essay without sound here, or click here to view it with sound.


Working Out the Kinks

How I Grew to Become a Better Multimedia Reporter


Everything in life is learned. Whether it was the first time learning how to properly throw a baseball or memorizing the state capitals back in school, everything takes time.

As I expected, this lesson wasn’t any different when it came to learning about multimedia in our Journalism 215 course at the University of Illinois. Things took time — and yes, there was a learning curve — and they took effort. But in the digital age we live in, multimedia is a necessary tool to learn when it comes to being a journalist in the modern world.

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Assignment 3 Bradley – Adding Audio

I did my project on a ride on an MTD bus.

I did my project on a ride on an MTD bus.

When I walked into the classroom to add audio to my video, I had no idea it would be as difficult as it was.

I was able to compile all of my audio and insert it into premier just the way I wanted it. That was just about the only easy part of my entire experience… Continue reading

A Sunday at the Daily Illini

Assistant Sports Editor Michal Dwojak concentrates on the story he is editing.

Assistant Sports Editor Michal Dwojak concentrates on the story he is editing.

What scared me the most about this assignment was the thought of finding powerful images. I’m first few plans fell though, plans that I was sure were going to give me some emotion evoking images.

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Assignment 1 Bradley

For this first assignment, I had a much easier time than I thought I would. You can view my assignment here. I wouldn’t consider myself much of a video editor but I ended up getting ahold of the Adobe Premier software fairly quickly. However the more interesting part was getting all of my film together.


A piece of my first assignment.

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Wheelchair Basketball

No Limits To Basketball

By, Senait Gebregiorgis

For Assignment 4 I decided to choose a unique feature story like wheelchair basketball. I actually had the chance to try wheelchair basketball and play beforehand and man was it fun and tough all at the same time. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks. It has a lot of skills and techniques to it such as picking up the ball with the wheel, or using your upper body strength to shoot for the basket.


Martinez Johnson, junior at U of I in Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team

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Polar Plunge : An Icy Dip


Jimmy Fallon takes a Plunge in style
Photo Credit: The Associated Press

Every year, thousands of people take the Polar Plunge. Each plunge serves as a benefit. TheIllinois Polar Plunge helps raise money for the Illinois Special Olympics. The Plunge is very popular among community members, celebrities, and local officials.

Jimmy Fallon tweeted to Mayor Rahm Emmanuel that he would be plunging into Lake Michigan.

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