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An Afternoon Full of Queens

An inspiring performance about feminism.

Written by: Leah Siegel

The Queens
Where the play took place

This weekend was Mom’s weekend at school and what better way to spend time with my lovely mom than to go see a play. We decided to go see Because I Am Your Queen at the Studio Theatre at Krannert by Mina Samuels and directed by Barbara Pitts McAdams.

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A Marvelously Entertaining Night in the Theater

A evening filled with beautiful voices, acting, and belly laughing.

Written by Emily Reeter

I really enjoyed the performance this last Thursday.  I went in without any expectations because it had been years since I had the opportunity to attend a theater event.  When I first arrived I was mesmerized with all the different decorations, lights, and stage settings. The crowds continued to pour into the theater and you could feel the excitement through the immense chattering.  It was extremely lively and vibrant.  I couldn’t wait for the production to begin so I could see it all come to life. Continue reading

Funny Thing In Colwell Playhouse

Written By Tim Gao

Photo By Tim Gao

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is the one of the best musical by Stephen Sondheim. Everyone was excited about this Thursday night because of the show and it also gives us the first opportunity to attend the show at the Illinois Theatre. The first thing surprised me is the perfect seat because it is super close to the stage that allows us to see all kinds of delicate costumes and plenty of emotions on performers’ face. The whole stage was very fancy but well-organized, there are orchestras on both sides and also a fake swimming pool close to the center of the stage. Everyone on the seat just can’t wait to see what is behind the red curtain which has a happy face and a sad face on it.

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