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WE ARE ONE- Barakat


The recent travel ban from Donald Trump has had a great impact on students and people in general. A few people from around the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign express their thoughts on the ban.

The recent Executive Order or “travel ban” initiated by President Trump has had quite a stir on people all over the country. It briefly didn’t allow Muslims from seven specific majority Muslim countries into the United States. It has since been appealed by an appeals court, but President Trump plans to make revisions to it and initiate it again. As of right now, Muslims from the seven specific countries can travel to the United States. It has lifted some burden off of the shoulders of people who are from these countries or know people from these countries. However, many people are still afraid and don’t know what to expect with Trump’s revisions to the ban. Some think he may eventually go after other races and ethnicities as well. In spite of all this controversy, there has been protests and rallies all over the country. Especially at Universities like the University of Illinois. Here is some sound from one of the rallies held on the University of Illinois campus and some feedback from individuals who are dealing with people impacted by the ban. Continue reading

Our President’s Day Celebration

Marija Kosanovic holds up a Trump sign at Murphy’s Pub on Monday, Feb. 20.

A Night With The Illini Republicans

Monday, February 20th was President’s Day, and it also marked one month of Donald Trump’s presidency.  The Illini Republicans decided to honor the day with an event called “Our President’s Day Celebration” on Monday night at Murphy’s Pub.  Many students at the event said they are strong supporters of President Trump.    Continue reading

Protest the Ban- Kerndl

Local residents march in protest of President Donald Trump’s immigration orders at the University of Illinois Willard Airport on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

I started to freak out as soon as assignment two was announced.  How would I be able to capture and tie together all four emotions: afraid, fearful, excitement, and hopeful?  I knew it would be challenging.  I wasted no time thinking of ideas, but nothing was coming to mind.  Then of course, we hear news of President Donald Trump’s  executive order and travel ban on Friday, January 27, 2017.
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