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Makeup- Fun night out watching Opera Senses!

By: Basith A. Syed

For those of you reading this blog and don’t know what opera senses are, they are a collection of acts from musical operas. In this show, I had the pleasure of watching twelve students how we’re extremely talented singers and dedicated to putting on a truly spectacular show without any hiccups.

Since this show was free there was no ticket.

I was fortunate enough to share this experience with one of my best friends from High school. He was so enticed by the performance he agreed to watch another live performance the following day. I wish I was able to take pictures but unfortunately, a lady sitting next to us told us to put our phone away and no pictures were allowed.

My favorite scene and the list of the participants.

I am going to try my best, to describe my favorite scene. In this sense, there were six women all wearing black and were performing various dances while trying to portray being wives of some cruel bozo who divorced three of his wife’s and “beheaded” two of his wife’s. The scene comes to an end when the sixth wife tells the audience how she escaped.

Overall the scenes were short and gave you all types of feeling from a few being funny, sad and cheerful. I truly enjoyed it and it isn’t a bad idea to watch the opera scenes with a date because it was an emotional rollercoaster.

Reflection Blog 2- Olivia Roberts

Looking back on my videos, I think I have improved a lot in different aspects. These aspects would be my mentality, creativeness, editing, and confidence. The first aspect I think I’ve improved on would be my mentality. I have drastically improved in this part of my performance  because coming to this class, I didn’t even know what a VO or a VOSOTVO was. I didn’t know what the word stood for nor how to create one. So my mental state in J550 was full of anxiety, nervousness, questions, and doubt. I knew Dr. Collins expected a lot and so I knew I needed to step up and push myself to understand how to create these videos. I then became more nervous when I found out we had to create them every single week. My stress level rose a couple notches. Even though I emailed Dr. Colllins numerous amounts of times and asked a lot of questions, as well as stayed after class, I finally am now “swimming,” according to Dr. Collins.  The second aspect that I thought I have improved on would be my creativeness. After the first two weeks of presenting, I became more comfortable with my shooting. So as a student, I tried to develop my skill set and shoot more creative shots. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. Trying to be more creative helped my editing as well. The third aspect that I have improved on would be my editing skills. My editing was not very good in the beginning. My editing skill set began with everything else, from the bottom.  Even though editing still takes a long time for me, I am becoming more comfortable with tools on Adobe and learning where how to navigate this website better. Getting better at editing has almost helped me advance my creativeness throughout my videos as well. The final aspect that has improved is my confidence. In the beginning, this class brought my confidence down a lot, especially as a journalist and student. But, I chose not to get discouraged and I worked really hard. I learned everything that I needed to know about VO and VOSOTVO’s within a couple of weeks. My main goal was trying to reach my classmates levels as well. In the end, being told by Dr. Collins that I am officially swimming made my day because I worked so hard. I have a lot to reflect on because I struggled so much in the beginning of this class. I didn’t think I would make it out alive! But in general, I am very thankful for the struggle because it made me a better journalist,  student, editor, producer and writer. Furthermore, this class has taught me how to become better listener. For example, every week Dr. Collins expected us to have the “who, what, when, where, why, how” underlined and bolded for our current events. If one does not follow the rules for the current events, no points. I was one of the few who got zero points on the first current event because I did not listen properly. Being one of  the few scared me because I was so embarrassed. It was just a simple rule to follow and I didn’t, even though I still tried. After that, never again did I miss any points on a current event. I made sure I wrote everything down exactly.

Looking back on my first VOSOTVO to my last one, I can say my mentality, creativeness, editing, and confidence have all improved. I personally liked the third VOSOTVO I did about Student mental health, only because y shots were more clear and detailed. But I think Dr. Collins liked my last VOSOTVO the best about a Costa Rican Adventure. Even though some clips in my Costa Rican Adventure were a little fast, I porously did that. Because I did not want to milk it and draw the film out o be boring. Every little thing I do in my VOSOTVO’s and VO’s in general have a point to them. My least favorite video I created was probably my video essay. Reason for this is, even though I thought it was fun and exciting to watch, I just had such low confidence making the film because I did not know what to do or how to create the video. This was the first video we made in class so my mentality, creativeness, editing, and confidence were so low.