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A New Way of Storytelling: Multimedia Reporting Reflections

By Joey Gelman

It is amazing how fast the semester has gone in Journalism 215, Multimedia Reporting. I came into the class with a very small background in multimedia projects and while it was a difficult learning curve, I feel as though I was able to make great strides as the semester went on. I will admit, that I still do not have a full grasp of everything Adobe Premiere has to offer, and in order to continue to succeed in multimedia, I have to continue to learn the ins and outs of the software itself. 10454160_10152528499830419_9178312287647670797_oHowever, the base that this class has given me will be a great stepping stone to work on bigger projects that will come my way. This class has taught me how to better tell a story through multimedia. While the technical aspects may not be as professional as I would like them to be at this point, the majority of the project is to tell a clear and interesting story. I have been able to learn how to be a better storyteller, and that is a very important job for being a successful journalist.

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The Funny Side of Halloween

Monty python and the Holy Grail - Cumberland Players

Monty Python and the Holy Grail – Cumberland Players

Many people think of scary when they think of Halloween, but one family is trying to bring out the lighter side with their Monty Python tribute.

Jacob and Lori Bernard are bringing their love of the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” to Halloween night. The Bernards are re-creating the “Flageolet Monk” scene from the cult classic and putting it on display in downtown Champaign. The Bernards, along with friends and anyone else who wants to join, will be walking throughout the city reciting and chanting the familiar scene. Continue reading

How To Make A Kugel

By Joey Gelman

When it comes to Jewish Holidays or gatherings, a Noodle-Kugel is always a staple.

A typical Jewish brunch would not be complete without a Noodle Kugel. While these meals mainly focus on bagels and deli meats, a warm, home-cooked side-dish is always an added bonus. However, when it comes to Kugel, my family is different than most.

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Going Green at U of I

Flyer for the Go Play Go Green event featuring the  Recycling Education Vehicle -  Illini Union Website

Flyer for the Go Play Go Green event featuring the Recycling Education Vehicle – Illini Union Website

The Coca-Cola Recycling Education Vehicle came to U of I to help teach proper recycling habits to students.

The University of Illinois was host to the Go Play Go Green event with Coca-Cola and Campus Vending. The workshop took place on the Illini Union Anniversary Plaza, just on the edge of the Illinois quad. The Coca-Cola Recycling Education Vehicle served as an interactive opportunity for students to learn more about recycling and sustainability. Students were able to learn the details of what happens after you throw away your plastic bottle into the recycling bin, and what their new recycling and sustainable habits should be.

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Sights and Sounds of Fighting Illini Football

Taking an in-depth look at a game day of Fighting Illini Football

For Assignments 2 and 3, I decided to focus my photo essay on the Illinois vs. Western Kentucky Football game from September 6th. I felt as though a sporting event had a clear beginning, middle and end, and would be a great topic for a storytelling assignment. I was excited to get to capture some of the unique elements of a sporting event, and for Assignment 3, capture the natural sound within Memorial Stadium. While a beginning and end are pretty clear in sports stories, I found it interesting to focus on the middle, as that is where the unexpected can occur, and I feel as though I captured a good portion of it. Enjoy!

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Gelman Assignment 1 Reflection

I have just completed my first assignment in Journalism 215, Multimedia Reporting. I enjoyed the idea of the assignment, as it was a designed as a simple way to get acquainted with the equipment. While I have had some experience with filming and photography, I do not know nearly as much as I should, and so to begin with a clear task of shooting many different elements and angles was extremely helpful. During the filming, I was having issues with connecting my camera to its tripod, but with the help of friend, I was able to make sure the camera was securely tightened. Most of the filming worked out well, but I had some issues making sure the camera was level, and clear on a few shots, especially the tilting one. However, I feel as though with practice, these issues will be resolved.

For my project, I mainly focused on scenes from the Illinois Quad and Green Street. We don’t get the opportunity to film or photograph those places for much longer in a summer setting, so I felt as thought I needed to take advantage of the opportunity.

When we got to class this afternoon, the editing procedures were brand new to me. While I have used software such as IMovie and occasionally Final Cut, I am much more comfortable with audio editing software than video. I am excited to get started to learn more about video editing. While we just scratched the surface today, I felt as though it made sense on the basic level in terms of what we had to accomplish. However, learning every nook and cranny technically is going to be a challenge. Today alone, between rendering and YouTube issues, I had to re-upload and edit my project multiple times. However, that is what day one is for; to get the kinks out. Overall, I felt that this was a good assignment to start off with, as it was simple enough to film and get yourself used to the camera, but hard in the sense of learning the new editing software.


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