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How to Perform a Card Trick

Lauren Jonen – Assignment 5

Amaze Your Friends and Family

image1   Card tricks are always a great way to pass the time. They also provide entertainment and priceless reactions when they are completed correctly. For my How-To video I decided to teach a pretty simple card trick that you can use on your roommates, friends, and family.

In a few basic steps this video will teach you how to guess a participants card. In order to land the card trick you’re going to have to make sure you have cards and an attention span. This trick requires you to remember two cards — your ‘key card’ and the participants card once you figure out what they chose. After that, all you need to know how to do is spell!

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We Are the Campus Sound

377818_294491910597082_193663184013289_822824_1146414056_nURBANA — PizzaFM recently celebrated their one-year streaming birthday. This station is a free-formed noncommercial online radio station at the University of Illinois. DJ’s do a variety of things on air from playing music to even discussing poetry. Talk and music are on air twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Continue reading

Assignment One Reflection

Assignment One was fun getting to mess around with the camera and getting a variety of shots around campus. I really like how this video camera takes pictures as well. At work we have to haul around huge cameras to film sporting events, so having a tiny camera was a nice change.

One thing I had a bit of trouble with was the touchiness of the zoom button. Trying to zoom in smoothly without accidentally bumping the tripod was challenging. Also, next assignment I need to remember to fasten my camera onto the tripod tighter. I noticed that some of my shots were slightly tilted to the left because of how the camera was fastened on.

Thankfully this mini project helped me learn from some of these mistakes so I can make my next project even better!

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