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Assignment 2 Li






Another week went by and it is time to present my assignment 2 covering topics about excitement and hope. Instead of randomly choosing places on campus to take photos, I picked the Chinese New Year party, an event hosted by Taiwanese Student Association, to be the theme for this particular assignment. Personally, I believe the event is just perfect to shoot photos that include happiness and excitement.

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Assignment 1 Welch


Fuzzy Turtle

When I first started this assignment I thought the hardest part would have been using the camera without a tripod because I am naturally a very shaky person. However, after completing the project, I now realize that was the least of my worries. There were times when it took me 15 minutes just to get the camera to focus. I also had trouble deciding what to take pictures of. The Quad was easy so I plan to challenge myself in the future.

The editing process was difficult because I never used Adobe before. I was very behind during class and it stressed me out, but in the end I was able to complete the assignment. After watching the video on YouTube I realize my video shots are not the proper size, but now I know what to look for and figure out how to change it for the future. Now that I know what I am doing, I feel confident the next assignment will go a lot smoother. My video can be viewed here.

Telling My Story:

A Reflection on Multimedia Reporting

My staff photo with The Daily Illini

My 2014-2015 staff photo with The Daily Illini.

From the moment I walked into Journalism 215, I could tell that this course was unique. Multimedia Reporting with Dr. Collins was an experience unlike any other, and definitely one that makes me gracious of my time at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Treating Yourself Right

Beat the heat with this sweet treat

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.19.47 PM

It’s time to open up your taste buds to the cold, refreshing taste of a root beer float.

The sweet, refreshing taste of an ice cream float has floated around since the late 19th century. Although the primary inventor of this beverage cannot solely be identified, there are numerous theories as to how this chilling beverage transformed into a summertime favorite.

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Ohmer Assignment 2: Exploring the Quad

A photo from under the McFarland Carillon

A photo from under the McFarland Carillon

I was more optimistic coming into Assignment 2 than I was for Assignment 1. The struggles and stress of Assignment 1 were behind me, and I was getting ready to tackle the next challenge. At first, I thought that everything would be smooth sailing, but when I went out in the field to shoot for the assignment, it seemed like everything I did could not go right. After dealing with numerous difficulties, I kept my head in the right place and stayed determined to finish the assignment. When it was all said and done, I was happy with the work that I produced.

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A Sunday at the Daily Illini

Assistant Sports Editor Michal Dwojak concentrates on the story he is editing.

Assistant Sports Editor Michal Dwojak concentrates on the story he is editing.

What scared me the most about this assignment was the thought of finding powerful images. I’m first few plans fell though, plans that I was sure were going to give me some emotion evoking images.

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Assignment 1 Gibson Reflection

Assignment one was both a career defining and thought provoking project for me. After reading Lauren’s blog on the assignment I learned that I would know all the basic fundamentals of video recording and editing on a deadline. While she enjoyed the project and learned a great deal from it, it also helped her to see the true essence of the class and what she truly enjoyed doing. The same goes for me. Continue reading

A Day in Chicago with Helen: Assignment 1 Reflection

Nothing like Downtown Chicago!

By Senait Gebregiorgis

When I first received the camera I was expecting to get an actual DSLR camera instead. I was like “What the heck am I going to do with a mini camcorder? How do you even take pictures with this?”

It was Labor Day weekend so I decided to go home to Chicago and bring my new friend (the camcorder)  along with me. Thankfully, I was able to have my older sister Helen, to help me figure out how to work the camcorder.

We decided to go to downtown Chicago since I felt like that was the place that had great scenery to capture. My sister and I literally stood in the middle of Michigan Avenue for about fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to view the photos on the camera after taking them. Finally, after experiencing with it, I was able to resume in my picture and video taking adventure. I discovered that I love taking pictures more than video taping. After gathering all of the required still and video shots, I continued to walk around downtown and take more random still shots.

One of the struggles I was having with my video shots was with the zooming in and zooming out. For example for the “Zoom in 5 seconds pause zoom out 5 seconds hold” I didn’t know how fast, steady or slow I should have zoomed. Or with the “Tilt up for 2 seconds..pan left for 2 seconds…” I was kind of struggling with how fast or slow I should tilt and pan while recording.

After a long day exploring downtown Chicago with my backpack full of film equipment, I deserved a treat! (Better yet a meal). After the waiter placed a delicious sandwich on my plate (as seen on the video shot) I decided it would be perfect for the tight/textured shot. My little brother’s plate of pizza however was better than my plate, which is why it deserved to make it on the still shot list. Food is a great example of tight/textured shots because when looking at the shots, you can almost feel and even taste the food in your mouth.

After gathering all of my shots, I must admit the most hardest part thus far was editing the entire video. It was one of those days were Adobe Premiere refused to be my friend, even though I was really nice to it. However, after experiencing with it, learning trial and error and making several mistakes I was able to be successful at the end. Asking questions when in doubt or when you’re just simply confused is really important to remember. If I had not asked Professor Collins or even my peers for help, I definitely would not have completed assignment one successfully. A lot of things were learned doing this assignment, and I know I will learn a lot with every assignment that comes. That’s why I look forward to improving each time along the way.

*Drum roll* …… Check out my first art piece here!



Chicago Sunset! Oh how I wish I took this picture ^_^ But I will one day!