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Making the Impossible, Possible – By Jazmine Reynolds

Selfie by Jazmine

Selfie by Jazmine Reynolds

So, I was both excited and nervous when entering multimedia. I read the syllabus and welcoming letter that was included and I thought to myself, this is going to be a great class. And, it was. Multimedia was, by far, my favorite course since I’ve been at Illinois. It pushes you to go out and make things happen in order to meet a deadline, no matter the circumstances. It drives you to look within yourself and make what you may think is the impossible, possible. In other words, the course assists in molding you to become a responsible, reliable journalist so you’re ready to face the world.

Waterfall by Jazmine Reynolds


As I look back at the past semester, I realized how much each assignment prepared me for the next. Assignment 1 was easy, yet still a challenge. Professor Collins assigned us to take a combination of picture and video shots in order to get to know our camera. The assignment was fun, and the quality of the pictures was amazing! I really felt like a photographer for the day. I also felt better about using my camera for future assignments because it I knew more about how to hold it, zoom in, zoom out, etc.

One Saturday Morning by Jazmine Reynolds

One Saturday Morning 

For the second assignment, the class was assigned to shoot two video essays. One video essay was with natural sound, and the other was without. I decided I could get interesting shots shooting the activities I do while waking up in the morning. So, I took shots of my breakfast and shots of the first things I see when opening my eyes. I shot from the angles I would see things in the morning. What I learned from this assignment is that you can take pictures of just about anything to tell a story. It’s all about the flow of the pictures and the story you want to portray to the audience.

U of I's Arboretum. Courtesy of Google images.

U of I’s Arboretum. Courtesy of Google images.

The third assignment was a video essay, and my favorite assignment to shoot. I took advantage of the beautiful summer weather and shot the University of Illinois Arboretum. The shots were gorgeous! I wanted viewers to take a trip with me through the garden and admire the beautiful flowers the way I did. However, I missed the most important element of the essay: telling a story. It’s important that the photos are arranged in an order so that viewers can feel like they’re taking that journey with you.

U of I's Business Career Fair. Courtesy of Google images.

U of I’s Business Career Fair. Courtesy of Google images.

Next was the audio package. We were finally ready to interview! The audio package was a nice assignment because it gave us a chance to show our journalistic side. We went out, recorded interviews, and then edited them while narrating our own voices around them. We needed natural sound, so I chose to cover the business career fair that was taking place that week. I enjoyed interviewing students and editing the package, but the best part when putting it all together. The finished project is always the gratifying moment for me.

The next assignment was where I hit a bump in the road. It was the full video package. It wasn’t my first time putting together a video package, but I felt as if I was on a time crunch to get all my interviews, edit, narrate, and then put it all together. So, I missed the deadline. Though I still completed my package, my late work could not be accepted. Professor Collins wanted to discipline each one of us to plan ahead, and it was such a learning experience for me.


Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

Last, but not least, was my how-to video. I definitely enjoyed both making my video and watching my other classmates’. I made scrambled eggs with cheese, a simple yet essential part of any breakfast. It was fun placing the camera at an angle that captured just what I was doing. I also took advantage of using another program called Final-Cut Pro to edit. I think the finished project came out well.

Shining Light on What's Hidden. Courtesy of Jasmine Dinh

Shining Light on What’s Hidden. Courtesy of Jasmine Dinh

The final group project was, by far, the most challenging. My group members were awesome to work with and very flexible when we hit road blocks, and we definitely hit a few. Our original topic was covering Alzheimer’s. We planned to profile a lady with Alzheimer’s and show the audience a day in her life as well as cover topics on how to care for someone with the disease or events that informed people about it. However, when we couldn’t schedule a time to meet with the face of our topic, we were forced to go on without her and create a different topic, Shining Light on What’s Hidden. We were on a time crunch, and stress levels were at an all-time high! We did a great job pulling it all together. I was so proud of my team. We covered issues that are important, yet hidden in society, like oppression, Alzheimer’s, and depression. I specifically covered how to care for someone with Alzheimer’s. I was very pleased with the finished project. Take a look for yourself!

Overall, this was a phenomenal semester. If I had to recommend one class to any Broadcast Journalism student, I would recommend Multimedia with Professor Collins. Her teaching techniques drive you to impress not only the professor, but to prove to yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to. I learned so much about myself, and I enjoyed being given the chance to push through, even when I thought there was no way. I learned to make what seemed impossible, possible. And for that experience, I am grateful.

For Off the Shelf and Online, this is Jazmine Reynolds signing off.

Assignment 4 Reynolds Audio PKG

UIUC Fall Business Career Fair

So you wanna land a job? Well at last week’s career fair, hundreds of u-of-i students were hoping so! The 2015 Fall Business Career Fair was held at the activities and recreational center, and many students had their resumes in hand hoping to walk away with a job offer.

To complete my audio package, I interviewed Illinois students that attended the Fall 2015 Business Career Fair. I got mixed reviews about the event, which I think made the story better. Hundreds of students attend the event each semester in hopes of landing a job. Check out my package!

For more information on the next Business fair, click here.

Business Cair Fair (Google)

Business Cair Fair (Google)

Assignment 2 Reynolds

Assignment 2 was pretty fun to create. I’m getting more comfortable with using the camera both on and off the tripod.  Breakfast is also one of my favorite meals of the day, so it was fun finding the perfect shot that gave viewers that “good morning” feel. It’s easy to go through the daily motions of the morning without thinking about what you’re doing. I wanted to capture moments that aren’t always noticed, but are vital parts of the morning. I like the idea of a photo essay because the perfect moment can be captured to tell a story. My photo essay with sound can be viewed here. My photo essay without sound can be viewed here. Enjoy!

One Saturday Morning

One Saturday Morning