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Makeup- Classic Carol Concert truly flawless!

Author: Basith A. Syed

The Carol Concert Book with all the carols.

In an environment where I started smoking, drinking and parting every day it was extremely cathartic being able to experience a flawless performance. I know everyone is entitled to there own opinion and their experience. This blog is solely going to be my experience and how the performance affected me.

My favorite carol and by far the most splendid poetry I heard from the book of Carols.

There are many reasons why I enjoyed this performance. First of all, I was given a free ticket at the ticket booth and I didn’t even have to identify my self. And as we were waiting to get into the show I met Catlin who is extremely pretty and was so down to earth and I had an amazing voice.

For me personally, I really enjoyed the show emotionally and it meant a lot to me seeing the performers and the audience be so dedicated to singing the carols. Furthermore, I felt so guilty about all the promises that I had broken, all the money I spent on useless things, people that I let down and for wasting a year of my life to instant gratification. And as I was listening to “O Come, All ye faithful” I had this epiphany that was telling me to straighten out my priorities and it is never too late to change. For me, I will never forget this Carol and I will most certainly go to another one whenever I am feeling hopeless.

Unfortunately, I was told not to take pictures but this is how the stage looked.

Saxophonist: Wilson Poffenberger

By: Jeffery Berry

The Lead act of Today’s Performance

Today’s performance was very soothing and peaceful. It was a good way to celebrate Krannert’s 50th anniversary. It was amazing to see and listen to the piano and saxophonist play together. The dynamics and pace of the songs were composed with great difficulty, but the preparedness of these performers made it seem extremely easy.

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The Curious Incident

The creative play on a young man’s eventful life and how he molds his perspective about who he is and what he can do.

The Colwell playhouse hosted the play “The Curios Incident Of The Dog At Nighttime”

This play was more than a play. It was an experience. It drags you into the life of an unordinary 15 year old young man from Europe. He is extremely smart, yet, others he encounter in the play would probably say too smart for his own good. However, through his expanding curiosity, the play allows you to be a part of his mind as he goes on a journey to answer his many questions about why life is the way it is.

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Oprea With a Twist

By: Darnisha Dunning

The Rape of Lucretia played at the Tryon Festival Theatre the other night at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.

I think the rape of Lucretia was interesting. I think it was interesting to see how such a tragic story through music. All songs have a hidden meaning behind them in to see the meaning, and the story behind it adds value to the story. It adds something thing because it was visible to the audience when did not have to listen or see a few times to understand the basic concept of the piece. For me, the display screen was helpful and distracting. It was helpful because at times I did not understand the lyrics/message of the song. It was beneficial to look up to read the lines to get a better understanding of what the actors were trying to exhibit to the audience. It was distracting because I was trying to watch the performance and trying to understand the words above my head. Looking up took my eyes off the performance.

Although the story was written years ago, it is still prevlent in today’s society. People still get raped or sexually assault, and it degrades the victim’s happiness, and they have the feeling of committing suicide. Somethings are unbearable to live with because one can relive that moment over and over again in their heads. Due to the loss of innocence and happiness, one can slowly develop symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The one thing I like most about this play is the message. From my understanding, the messages were betrayal from a friend/ prince.

The Lucretia Experience

By: Jeffery Berry

The story of a wife who lived in purity and faithfulness ended drastically due to the jealousy and envy of others.

Today, I went to the Krannert Center of Performing Arts to attend an opera called, “The Rape Of Lucretia.” This was my second time coming to see a performance at the Krannert Center, and I was excited to see what the day had in store.

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My First Show At Krannert

By: Jeffery Berry

This is what I saw when I entered into the Krannert Center tonight. There were people everywhere. Adults were talking and kids were playing. However, majority of the crowd was in line purchasing tickets and headed straight to their seats. I was surprised to see lots of older people instead of students. I was expecting to see more students due to the event being on campus but I was mistaken once I stepped in to the Center.

When I sat down in the theatre, I was able to see lots of people preparing for the Jupiter String Quartet. The lights went dim and all conversation ceased almost immediately. The audience, including myself, zoned our attention towards the stage. The violinist came out and performed masterpieces. Then dancers entered the stage and danced in an old Tai Chi tradition. It seemed as if they were meditating to the music with every movement. I was most intrigued with how they flowed to the complex melody. If I were the director of tonight’s show, I would’ve joined the performers on stage in the final bow because it was perfect. I would not change anything about the performance. I was amazed with how the event played out.

At the end of the performance, there was a roaring standing ovation which the performers were well deserving of. I was happy to be exposed to such culture and talent. Being a young African American male from the westside of Chicago, you are not presented with these kind of opportunities. I originally thought the performance would be boring and slow, but it was the opposite. I was intrigued at the performers and how they would fall off cadence to add more dramatics to the show and easily come back into syncopation whenever they wanted. I truly enjoyed my first show at the Krannert Center, and I look forward to attending future shows, not only for this class, but for personal pleasure.

Tentative Ears

Let the music paint the picture for you.

By: Deja Cook- Reynolds

I never realized how much more moving music was without the words to distract you. At home, I listen to music, but just as a way to keep my attention or my energy up as I do other things that indeed to more focus. The words of the music that I listen to at home, have no real meaning behind them; they are just words being said to fit a beat, a rhythm, a population of people. Continue reading

Live in Color

Music is the muse of enjoyment. Now, pair that with food, people, beautiful lights, and you have created a moment for people to live.

By: Deja Cook- Reynolds

Opening Night at the Krannert Center for Performance Arts was a better experience than I thought it was going to be. I couldn’t believe the amount of people that were there; kids, college students, professors, etc. were all in the same space just enjoying the atmosphere. I loved seeing that.  I think the live music and the diversified food venders did a wonderful job of pulling people in and inviting them into a open space where they could just be themselves, not worry about outside judgment, and try new things! Honesty, I think that was the most enjoyable about the night, the open space and the freedom for people to be themselves.

A gloomy day never stops the precious and serenity of enjoyment

Ranky Tanky

Opening Night: 50th Anniversary