It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye…

Written By: Quintionna Parks

Farewell to FAA 110

FAA 110 has led me to some great performances. I was able to broaden my knowledge as well as my creativity in only one semester. I was given opportunities that aren’t easy to find on this campus. Every trip to Krannert Center for the Performing Arts was FREE, as well as entertaining. You can’t get that just anywhere. This class gave me the opportunity to see such a wide range of performances as well as artists. Everything that I experienced this semester will be remembered far beyond college. I may not have loved every single thing that we went to see; however, everything was a new and different experience that I will remember.

Overall, this semester has been pretty amazing. I loved being able to attend these events and experience some new things on campus. This was definitely a wind down type of class where you could just enjoy being in the space. I’ll miss FAA 110 and everyone in it.

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The Ending of a Great Beginning

BY: Darnisha Dunning

I took FAA 110 because a friend told me it was a good class. It is my last semester at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, so I wanted to try something different. this class opened my eyes to different genres of music. I have never been into classical music unless it was to go to sleep. Most of the performance was interesting and some not so much. I did not make it to all the required performance however I made them up with different ones. Over the course of the semester, I made a blog post after each performace.

Here is a list of my favorite performances from best to worst.

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School of Jazz First Combos

By: Nancy Ibarra Medrano

The variation in performance and the expounded exposure left me convinced of the potential in the instrumentalists in this genre. There was growth in each combos presentation. Growth that I could see at both the individual and collective level.

A combo named after a combo.
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A 15 minute Excursion in the Lobby of the KCPA

By: Nancy Ibarra Medrano

The full moon occurred in the early hours of April 19th. I knew the day would be jam packed with sentiment and opportunity.

The DJ had the people moving.
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Fun way to close out the semester!

This event was by far the best event. I think what I liked the most was being able to either get up and dance or just sit and relax and watch everything around me. It was a very free event where anybody could participate and have fun with their friends. I really enjoyed just sitting down and watching everything. The music was also nice and it surprisingly didn’t feel long and drawn out. This was the perfect event to end the semester with.

Break-out Artist

Written By: Quintionna Parks

Cool, talented, and fresh new artist.

This performance was way more simple than the other performances we’ve been to. However, it was pretty relaxing because it was just the one artist and then the piano playing. The setup was different because it was a group of people sitting on stage surrounding the smaller stage where the artist was performing. It was also interesting because everyone else had to sit on the balcony, so when you looked down there was no one in the seats below. The music wasn’t extraordinary, but it was nice. I fell like I’ve seen him in the last performance I went to, which is cool (above is a photo of him from the other performance). Overall it was different and refreshing.