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Chris Botti and his curating powers

His artistry shook the Tryon Festival Theatre!

Written by César Díaz Blanco

Chris Botti performing among the audience as the show gets to an end.

Botti left the audience in awe with the extraordinary help of Lee Pearson in the drums, Holger Marjamaa in the piano, Reggie Hamilton in the bass, among other great artists.

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Chris Botti Blows Crowd Away!

By Rachel Yao

Chris Botti, featuring Lee Pearson, Andy Snitzer, Anastasiia Mazurok, and more, perform at the Tryon Festival Theatre on September 14th, 2019.

Tickets for Chris Botti outside of Tryon Festival Theatre.
A view from the balcony of Chris Botti playing his trumpet and Andy Snitzer playing his saxophone.

I was quite fascinated by Chris Botti’s playing and skill. Each note he played was very clear and had good dynamic. He could gracefully switch the mood of the song; he would play a loud forte, then suddenly bring the volume down to a soft mezzo piano. Moreover, I was also amazed by the other musicians and singers that were featured in the performance. Andy Snitzer, the saxophonist, played various scales swiftly during his solo. His body movement also lightened the mood of the song to be more cheerful and jazzy. Anastasiia Mazurok, the violinist, performed her solo elegantly, with each note flowing to the next. Lastly, Sy Smith, a singer, had a very nice voice that harmonized with the rest of the band.

Out of all the outstanding performances, I think Lee Pearson’s drum solo may be my favorite part of the performance. I found it very entertaining and captivating as he displayed much of his skill within a short period of time. He exhibited cool tricks with his drumsticks, like balancing them on top of his head while playing, throwing them up in the air, and using his hands to play the drum set.

Sy Smith (bottom left) and Chris Botti (bottom right) interacting with the audience while performing.

Near the end of the performance, Chris Botti and Sy Smith go off stage to interact with the audience. Botti continued to play his trumpet while Smith came onto stage with her strong, powerful voice. People quickly got out their cameras and phones to take pictures. I thought the way they interacted with the audience, whether it be having conversations or walking into the crowd, really engaged the viewers throughout the performance.

For more info: https://krannertcenter.com/events/chris-botti