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The Complexities of a Home [Make-Up]

Written by Raymond Diaz

Home, by Geoff Sobelle, is a captivating performance partnered with illusion and intricate engineering that builds a house right before your eyes and shows the complexities of what it is like for people living like anyone else. Through this there was relatability and allowed the audience to experience the questions of what is home and when do we know it is a home?


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Shape Shifter

A short poem about all the things I might become- 1/28/19

Tesla Model X

If I could be all I wanted to be let’s sit and think of possibilities.

I might to choose to be wealthy or choose to be free.

Subjective definitions might change for me.

If I was a car I’d be a Tesla cruising down the street, Matte black dark tint to make it hard to see.

Golden hour time of day, warm & bright.

Perfect for a picture or a stroll at night.

Weather like a hot day with a cool nice breeze.

Iconic like early 2000s history.

A big theatre room showing a movie.

Cozy like a hoodie, I’m laid back and chill.

Open like the ocean, I might tell my life at will.

-Alysia Glover

Now What?

Photo by Maty Patino

As I sat down, I was trying to see whether it was two people or just Erica. The confusion intrigued me. Suddenly, everyone went silent, and I saw Erica began to move. Out of nowhere, she began to remove parts of herself. My first thought was that all the extra parts she had connected, the legs, arms, face, were the different perceptions that people had of her. Or the different “hopes” that people had upon her.

Photo by Maty Patino

Once she started twirling really fast, and uncontrollably, I knew it was more than what people thought about her. It was what she thought about herself and how she was trying to deal with it. During this time, I began to get goosebumps. “BOOM,” Erica hit herself in the back of the head. What now? Will the performance stop? No, Erica kept going. This further showed how no matter how hard something gets, you should never stop doing whatever you have to do to get wherever you want to get. Life does not stop for any of us, so why should we stop for anything?

Photo by Maty Patino

Towards the end of the performance is when everything hit me. What happens after we lose a limb? A special person? Are we really still the same? What did we learn? How do we move on? How do I seek for help? So many questions and no specific answer. Out of this performance, I got that everyone is going through something, whether is losing a person, losing a job, losing your home, anything. Loss is part of life, and we are unable to escape it. Whether it is putting a fake smile on, or expressing yourself through other mediums, we need to keep going no matter how hard things are.

Motion and Stillness – Williamson


Having finished Assignment 3 (which you can check out here) in J215 it’s a good time to take a step back and look at everything that I have learned so far. I was thinking when we were doing this assignment about how much about video and sound editing I had already learned, even with just one assignment that involved the two. I’ve learned things I never would have imagined myself learning, and I’m so thankful for that. It’s been fun, as well as incredibly educational. I learned a lot about the equipment I’m using, as well as to have confidence in my own self and the images and video that I take. Sometimes even when you doubt yourself, the project turns out good in the end!

My Assignment 3 was titled “Motion and Stillness”. The project was a Video Essay, so very similar to Assignment 2, just with all videos instead of pictures.

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Adventures in Multimedia: The End of a Journey

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 4.40.04 PM

This Canon became my best friend for the semester! | Photo taken with Instagram

The Best (Class) I Ever Had
Life is a process of trials and tribulations, and with each challenge presented, you grow from the lessons learned.

Likewise, my time in multimedia has been incredibly worthwhile. Not only did I learn the basics of shooting, editing and writing for multimedia, but I also was able to go through this journey with encouraging and talented classmates.

Before I get all sentimental, let’s rewind to the beginning.
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Adventures in Multimedia: Planning it Out

They say it’s always good to think before you speak – I think you could take that a step further for multimedia and say it’s a good idea to plan before you do. Assignment six involves creating a “How To” piece, and before shooting, we had to create storyboards to plan out what our videos will look like. I did mine on “How to be Happy.”

Here’s a look at mine (please excuse my stick figures):

storyboard kassam

Click on the image to expand!

storyboard kassam 2

Click on the image to expand!

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