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(Make up Event) The Tempest: Magic and Power Dynamics

The Tempest is widely known as one of Shakespeare’s plays. It is a story where magic is one of the main elements.I watched a production of Shakespeare’s world renowned production of the Tempest on the Digital Theatre + website. This play was performed live by the Royal Shakespeare Company with the help of Intel and the Imaginarium Studios. 

By Elena Grantcharski

I will start off by being honest and saying that I generally am not a huge Shakespeare fan. I respect and appreciate his work but I have never been interested in the Shakespeare works that I have read in high school. His writing style is generally not for me. However, something I really do love is magic. I have never read or watched The Tempest and I was surprised by how much I actually liked it. I really enjoyed the magic aspect of the play. The play is about Prospero, an older man with magical powers and a very beautiful daughter. 

The main character Prospero, and his daughter Miranda.
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Illinois Got Talent (Makeup Event)

Written by: Benjamin Tan

I went for the Global Talent Show – Illinois Homecoming and it was a really pleasant experience!

It was coordinated by the Illinois International Student & Scholar and the Student Alumni Ambassadors held at Spurlock Museum.

Global Talent Show Performance Overview

There were 13 performances and the talents were from all around the world. There were Indians, Chinese, Russians, Americans, and Koreans performing for the Global Talent Show. A large proportion of the performance was towards singing and each one of them sang songs according to their own country. The songs were sung in different languages and the melody and rhyme for each song are so unique to its own culture and country. Some were more upbeat; others were more soothing.

Although the setup is really simple with just one stage light and the acoustic was not fantastic, I really like how the coordinators actually provided this space for all these performers to showcase their talents.

Among all the performances, I really like the Yo-Yo, magic and the final singing performance!

For the yoyo performance, Asher was so fast in his hands as he does many yoyo tricks like loop the loop, walk the dog, around the world, walk the baby and many more tricks that I have never seen before. The crowd was cheering for him every time he did a new spectacular move. I was right at the edge of my seat amazed by his tricks and skills.

Asher Mai Spectacular Yo-Yo Performance

Next, was Alejandro Diaz magic performance. He had a whole story incorporated into his magic trick. Each pile from the left to the right was the past, the present, the future and dreams of our lives. He was saying how some people prefer to focus on one of those categories and he did his magic trick changing the first pile into blank cards indicating that we can’t only focus on one.

At the end of the magic trick, he made every card turn from a picture card into a blank card and within a split second all the cards were pictures cards saying that we need all 4 categories in our lives and everyone was so astonished by it!

Alejandro Diaz Astonishing Magic Performance – (From left to right) Past, Present, Future, Dreams

Lastly, was Marie Joe Noon. She sang I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. Her voice was so pleasant and wonderful as she sang the verses. When she went to the chorus, everyone was blown away by her vocal range as she hit the high notes of the song. You could feel the emotions as she sang each lyric out and her stage presence was fantastic she really connected the audience just by her singing and her swaying from side to side.

Marie Joe Noon Singing “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston

In the end, the one who won the Global Talent Program was Marie Joe Noon! For the rest of the performers, I really admire their courage and passion to stand in front of a huge crowd to showcase their talent.

Marie Joe Noon winning the Global Talent Show!

Whiff of Talent in the Air [makeup event]

Written by: Laura Chong

Global Talent Show – Illinois Homecoming was an eyeopening experience.

Marie Joe Noon, the last performer of the night really blew us off

This is the first-ever Homecoming talent show, performed by international students. There were 13 performers and they presented the different cultures and their art wonderfully. Through this talent show, I have increased my understanding of the different countries through their selection of songs and performing piece.

Diana Bikbaeva sang a beautiful russian poem song

Most of the performer chose a song from their country and there was a clear difference in the melody, rhythm and style of the songs. I could also feel their emotions as they sang the songs that reminded them of home. It was truly a touching and memorable moment.

To me, it takes a lot of courage to perform in front of a crowd and no matter the decisions of the judges, I felt that they are all winners. As for relationship with the audience, there is certainly that element for certain performances.

Magic performance by Alejandro Diaz

For example, the magic performance by Alejandro Diaz was very interactive. He used the projector as a prop to bring his magic closer to the audience. As for the singers, they used the mic as a prop to bring their voice closer to us.

Overall, it was an exciting experience which showcased many talents, such as yo-yo, beat-boxing, singing, dance and magic. I expected a more formal event performed by professionals, but these people on stage were genuinely just wanting to showcase their culture and talent. There were emotions in the theater and I left the theater with a warm feeling in my heart.

Black Woman Magic Meets the Arts – Renee Baker

Baker, Renee. Composer. Retrieved from

Renee Baker is who the Chicago Symphony Orchestra describes as a multi-disciplined engineer. She is a visual artist, filmmaker, composer, violinist and re-contextualist. I had the pleasure of hearing her give insight into the beautiful mastermind behind her masterpieces. She showed a clip of her film Borderline and described her work for the film as being a composition of instruments the audience would least expect. What most amazed me about Renee Baker, though, was her unapologetic personality. Not only is she dominating the arts with her multi-disciplined talents, she is proud in her Black womanhood. She is aware that minorities are not welcomed with open arms into her field and is brilliant anyway. At the end of her lecture she told the class there will always be misogynists, there will always be bigots, no matter who you are there will always be someone in your field who will set out to make you feel smaller – be great anyway.

Local game store prepares for magical gathering

The official Battle for Zendikar logo (Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast)

The official Battle for Zendikar logo (Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast)

A Local gaming store, Armored Gopher Games, is preparing for one of its busiest weekends of the year.

On October 2-3, they will be holding an event for the release of the newest Magic: The Gathering card game set: Battle for Zendikar. Reporter Lucas Wright got the scoop from the storeowner and local players.

The event will consist of each player competing head-to-head with other players in his or her pool until a champion has been crowned in a “March Madness” style bracket.

Throughout the night prizes will be awarded through a raffle, and players will also be able to keep the cards that they receive upon entry to the event.

Buy-in is $25 dollars, and the money will cover six packs of 15 cards that the players will use to build their 40 card decks and it will also include a ticket for the raffle.

All of this information and more can be found on the store’s website.

How to Perform a Card Trick

Lauren Jonen – Assignment 5

Amaze Your Friends and Family

image1   Card tricks are always a great way to pass the time. They also provide entertainment and priceless reactions when they are completed correctly. For my How-To video I decided to teach a pretty simple card trick that you can use on your roommates, friends, and family.

In a few basic steps this video will teach you how to guess a participants card. In order to land the card trick you’re going to have to make sure you have cards and an attention span. This trick requires you to remember two cards — your ‘key card’ and the participants card once you figure out what they chose. After that, all you need to know how to do is spell!

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Dallas & Co.’s Magic Weekend

When October rolls around it means fall colors, warm sweaters, apple cider- and most importantly that Halloween is only a few weeks away. Magic shops like Dallas & Co. are already counting down the days, having celebrated their 25th annual Magic Weekend this past weekend. To get everyone in the spirit the store hosted magic shows, offered face painting and gave away prizes all at no cost to visitors. Merchandise was on sale, but shopping was not the highlight of the event.

For anyone who missed a most magical weekend check out an insider’s look here.