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Audio Pkg reflection: Casati

For this assignment, I went out to get audio coverage of the Crazy K marathon. I had no trouble getting the interviews or nat sound… that was even my favorite part. Afterwards, while writing the script, I had trouble making it conversational! I think that it was a bit stiff (as I am a news ed major) and thought that something to work on in the future is making my broadcast stories more interesting and lively. I also struggled with putting it in a certain amount of time… I had too much footage and I think I was talking too slow in the introduction parts. I also wasn’t sure how to upload to sound cloud, so I improvised and put a few pictures in to make it multimedia and youtube worthy. Overall, it was definitely a learning experience and I look forward to figuring out more in the future.

The mudslide at the marathon.

The mudslide at the marathon.

Car X Crazy K Audio PKG

Getting Dirty with the Car X Crazy K

On Saturday September 19, the Champaign County fair grounds got a run for its money, as more than 6,000 runners participated in the fifth annual Car X Crazy K marathon, an event that donates to more than 40 charities. Continue to the audio story here 

More information on the Crazy K marathon can be found here.


The mudslide obstacle at the marathon.