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Solo Guitarist: Marcus Tardelli

The performance on last Wednesday was an amazing experience for me. Most of the performances I have been to are orchestras or musicals that have more of a complex composition than the solo guitar performance. Honestly, seeing only one performer on stage was uncommon for me and monotonous at first, but then it was enjoyable to see how engaged he was in his guitar and his music.

What seperates the live performance and listening to music at home was the experience. Seeing the musician basking in the pure joy of the music, observing how he plays the instrument and feeling the ambience inside Follienger’s Great Hall makes the whole experience unique. Also, what I noticed from the music pieces Marcus Tardelli played was that none of those are catchy. Compared to pop music that catch your ear in the first five seconds, the ones he played were more classic.

Although I have zero knowledge about the guitar, I could tell that he had perfect control of the guitar and is a true master. However, I did wish that I knew more about the guitar so that I would fully appreciate his talent and efforts. If it was a pianist’s performance, I would be way more enthralled than this performance. One fun thing was that, after the performance and on our way out, an old lady told me she was wondering how classic guitars and electric guitars differ. I said I had no idea, but I liked her thought. In general, it was still a fun night at the KCPA.

Peaceful but powerful

Written by Xuan Huynh

On Wednesday night, I got the opportunity to witness an amazing guitarist, Marcus Tardelli, perform classical and Brazilian songs at the Krannert Center. Marcus was the only person on stage, but the passion he displayed while playing his guitar made the performance dramatic but still very relaxing. The music I typically listen to make me feel important because it’s relatable and it contains lyrics that focus on the audience. I felt the complete opposite way at Marcus’s performance. He did not once acknowledge the audience while playing the guitar. His emotions and body movement were moving with his strings as one, and it was enjoyable to watch because I was witnessing a connection between him and his love. With that being said, this experience of listening to music made me pay more attention to him as an artist instead of my own personal desires.

Furthermore, while I was watching and listening to him play on the empty stage, I couldn’t help but visualize a dance performance or scene that would compliment his sound. The setting and his performance encourage me to use my imagination a lot more than I usually do while listening to music because there weren’t any distractions. Most of the time, the lyrics of a song make me think about a certain event or anything that relates to the music so that distracts me from thinking about ideas that can praise the sound. Also, sometimes when I’m listening to music is when I’m doing a silent activity and because of that, most of my attention is on the other task so I don’t have the time to create ideas from the melody.

How Tardelli changed the way I feel about live performed music.

Written by Thomas Kirkendall

Marcus Tardelli gives an amazing guitar performance  at the wonderful Krannert center on October 3rd 2018.  Every couple years the Krannert center has an event known as Ellnora this guitar festival lasts three days and brings great musicians around the world to the Krannert center.

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Live Music: How music can move you

Written by Syed Ali

Marcus Tardelli, a Brazilian guitarist, held a reverb concert at the Krannert Center for Performing Arts on Wednesday, this week. His music and skill with the guitar moved the audience as he wove through several Brazilian songs/solos, creating different melodies and themes with every piece. 
Tardelli’s music and live performance was engaging and personal. When I listen to music at home, I usually pair it with actions such as doing homework or completing chores. Sometimes, but not all the time, I listen to music for the sake of just listening; I’ve rarely close-appreciated music before. The performance, however, required much more attention and focus than just listening to music at home.The large audience created a sense of pressure and the musician created varying levels of music that truly moved me.


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A Wonderful Evening

I went to the Marcus Tardellis concert this eveing which provided me a brand new experience.

written by LinJie Yang

It is my first time attending a guitar concert this evening and I find so much difference between listening record at home and at listening in the concert hall.   

To begin with, let me talk about several pieces that I really like during the performance. One is the first piece which places me into a peaceful summer afternoon, and there is a river along with me. Another is the third piece,  I feel familiar with the rhythm, and then I realize that it is the piece I chose to play in a contest last year. 




Let’s talk about the difference. Firstly, attending the concert forces me to listen to the music vigorously. Regularly, it is impossible for me to listen to the music without doing anything else. I find myself being able to discover more from the music when I listen to it in a formal situation. Usually, I will only notice the rhythm of the piece. While when I sit in the concert, I will try to imagine the image fits for the piece.

Secondly,  a concert gives me an opportunity to encounter new music pieces. I am kind of person really do not like accept unfamiliar stuff, always putting several songs in repeat. I realize I miss pretty many impressive pieces because of my habit. Thus, going to the concert is a desirable complement to me.                                                            

Visual Music

As I entered the Great Hall, there was instructions about the way you should behave. I heard how you must turn off your phone, no pictures, no nothing, in which I completely agree with because that would be very

Photo by Maty Patino

disturbing to the rest of the audience. It is like being in the theater and seeing a person being on social media, might as well not go. While being at home, we do not get instructions on how to behave. One of the things I noticed was that in the program it did not say what songs he was going to play. It was a great experience because we do not know what to expect. When at home listening to music, we always know what song is coming up. However, at Tardelli’s concert, it was very intriguing not knowing what song he was going to play after.

When being on Spotify or apple music, you only get to listen to the singer’s voice. Unless you go on youtube and look at them recording their song, then you will get a feeling of how they felt during it. As I watched Tardelli, I was able to see his expressions and have a sense of what he felt like playing the song. Seeing the artist somehow made me feel as if I was playing the music. The faster he would play, or the “happier” the music, the more he would move. Tardelli would hardly look at what he was playing, which made me think that everything was coming from the heart.  He was expressing himself through music. Some of us do not need words, but sounds.

Photo by Maty Patino

Tentative Ears

Let the music paint the picture for you.

By: Deja Cook- Reynolds

I never realized how much more moving music was without the words to distract you. At home, I listen to music, but just as a way to keep my attention or my energy up as I do other things that indeed to more focus. The words of the music that I listen to at home, have no real meaning behind them; they are just words being said to fit a beat, a rhythm, a population of people. Continue reading