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A Semester in Review

Me in Paris

Me in Paris








We made it! Looking back, this semester flew by and I can’t believe all that I have learned. With how many bumps in the road I hit along the semester, I’m proud of what I was able to accomplish and thankful for Professor Collin’s support along the way.

Tight Texture

Tight shot of a woven basket

We started with the semester with a “Get to Know Your Camera” assignment, where we learned the basics of using the camera and the other equipment we were given. Having taken photography classes before, I went into this project pretty confidently. However, if I’m being completely honest, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. I had never really worked with video before and I was intimidated by the thought of having to put the photos together.

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Fall Watercolor DIY


Fall Watercolor DIY End Result

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so for assignment 6 I did a fall watercolor painting DIY. This how-to is super quick and easy, but has a very nice result and can spice up a Thanksgiving table setting or be hung in a photo frame! There are a lot of other DIYs similar to this one on Pinterest.

For my DIY, check out the video here!

UIUC Women in STEM

3D printers used for MakerGirl events

3D printers used for MakerGirl events

University of Illinois students are introducing STEM to young girls around Illinois.

MakerGirl, a UIUC startup, is working to fill the gender gap in STEM careers across the country. The startup holds sessions for girls ages 7-10 where they design and print objects with 3D printers. A report from the campus coalition I-STEM gives a rundown of the history of MakerGirl and how the sessions work.  Continue reading

The Future in Our Hands


SOURCE: http://sgtreport.com/2016/04/electoral-science-2016-presidential-election-winner-will-be-a-republican/

With the first presidential debate finished, discussions between students about policy and voting are heating up across campus.

One first time voter, Aline Sredni, a student at the university and former intern for the House of Representatives, stresses the importance of young voters and explains why she believes the voter turnout in younger age groups is much lower.

Two other students, Maggie Benson and Danni Gregory, described their experiences as first time voters and what motivates them to exercise their right to vote.

Listen to their stories here.

Polling stations will be available on the UIUC campus in the basement of the Illini Union and in the Activities and Recreation Center.


Mix, Drop, Repeat – Maurer Assign 3

I really enjoyed this assignment and the challenge of telling a story in only 1 minute. I chose to do my assignment on my friend Debjit who is a DJ on campus. I wanted to capture his story and his passion for music. To do this, I recorded Debjit mixing music in his usual environment, which includes listening to music by some of his favorite DJs. I loved playing with different angles to make a storyline.


Debjit making music.

While I really enjoyed the assignment, it also showed me the things I need to work on. For the next assignment I need to work on my shot quality and keeping the camera more still. I didn’t realize how much footage it takes to make a 1 minute video, especially when some of the shots were a little shaky, so I will definitely keep that in mind for the next video and get more angles and more video. also want to explore Adobe Premiere more because I felt myself getting frustrated with the editing process at times.

Despite those issues, I’m pretty happy with how the video turned out and I was pretty impressed with my ability to edit the audio into one seamless track.

“Mix, Drop, Repeat” can be found here.

Assignment 2 Maurer

I enjoyed this assignment so much more than the first one. I’m not sure if it was because I was more comfortable with the equipment or because I prefer to just work with video, but I liked working with one topic and attempting to create a cohesive essay.img_2542

I’m generally pretty bad with lighting, so I chose to challenge myself and work with natural light. However, because I usually work with abstractions, I chose to put those two together and lookfor sunlight distortions. That photo essay without sound can be found here.

For the sound, I added wind noises that I thought would add to the rays of light shown in the photos. The photo essay with sound can be found here.

Assignment 1 Maurer

Having taken photography and art classes before, I thought that this assignment would be a breeze. However, I quickly found out that creating a cohesive video is much more difficult than I had previously thought. Having to keep the camera steady while focusing the lens and thinking about composition was challenging, and I think that showed in my shots.

I chose to do the assignment in my room because it is a place very familiar to me, which I thought would challenge me to think creatively about composition, as all of the objects are fairly mundane. I found that I became drawn to certain contrasts and textures in my room that I had not paid closed attention to before.

Tight Texture

While the assignment ended up being more challenging than I thought – and in turn, did not turn out as well as I had hoped – it made me very curious about videography and the possibility of including it in my art. I think that as I progress throughout the class I will come to appreciate, and even like, video. It is my hope that this course will continue to challenge me in ways that I have not been challenged before, making me even more comfortable around a camera and expanding my skill set.

All in all, this assignment has made me excited to experiment with the equipment we have been given for this course and left me feeling inspired to take chances with my art.

The end result of my video is here.