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BBQ TIME-Barakat

SHISH KEBOB (Source: 123RF.com)


I started off the video by getting all the materials needed to barbecue. Then I got shots of the barbecue being prepped. Some standard shots of cutting up the pieces of meat and gathering the chicken followed. Also, getting the ground meat and forming it into a burger-shaped form. I then showed the beginning process of gathering the vegetables and placing everything on the stick, to make shish kebob. I showed the meats being seasoned and marinated, so they can get that good taste! Then I gathered all the prepped meats and vegetables and provided a shot of that. It was basically the beginning product. This part of the video is something any person can watch and follow themselves. The seasoning and marination of the meats were a unique way of seasoning, that I have used for many years. Check it out if you are interested in my approach to seasoning! Continue reading