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Fear and Hope in Gymnastics

Gymnast Rae Balthazor mentally prepares to begin her bar routine at the Pink Meet on Jan. 29.

Hi there! This assignment challenged me in many ways, but my biggest struggle was coming up with a story idea. I will admit, after I finished Assignment 1, I peaked ahead to look at this upcoming project. I was so excited to see another opportunity to take still photographs in a photo essay. However, when I arrived in class, I quickly learned this assignment had an additional requirement that was announced by Professor Collins.  Continue reading

Assignment 1 Caudell

Journalism is, to put it simply, a discipline of many required talents. One such talent is the ability to use a camera. Up until this point in my journalism career, I’ve had very few instances where I was tasked with shooting. That all changed when I got my first assignment for Dr. Collins’ Multimedia Reporting class. Albeit being a relatively easy beginning endeavor, tasking me with just taking a variety of different shots in the hopes of becoming acquainted with my camera.

The Ikenberry Dining Hall and SDRP at night, lit up with lights and the high spirits of all the students within

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Assignment 3 – Photo Essay Crittenden


For our third assignment, we had to craft a Photo Essay that formulated a story with not only the images or video we provided, but also with sound that narrated the story we were trying to tell. I tried to create a story from something that may be seen as a very simple task and decided to focus on something common for the average college student.


I titled my project “Passing Time” and focused on a subject that was engrained in a simple hobby, playing video games. My own work was interesting to me because at a glance it seems like all this person is doing was playing video games, but as I began to focus on the concentration the subject had on the task he was doing, as well as the body positioning, the hands, and the eyes, it started to tell a story on its own. The focus the subject had was the focus I see many people have when they are drawn in to a game that they are playing. Playing games is such a common past time, and it is funny to see the concentration people will put into their game (but maybe not always their school work).

Assignment 1 Stephens

Today we finished editing and turning in our first assignment. I’ve never used Adobe, nor have I uploaded a video to YouTube before. I’ve also never used a camera like the ones we were given to take the pictures and videos. But it was still fairly simple to take the pictures and videos; and we were given a step-by-step lesson on how to upload and edit the footage we got. My media wasn’t very high quality, but I completed the assignment.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly From Lucas’ Year in J215

Me Profile Pic

A photo of myself

It’s finally that time of the year. Time to look back and reflect on this very memorable year in multimedia. Coming into this class I honestly had no clue was I what the content of the class would be like, and when we received our syllabus from Professor Collins a few weeks before class it made the class seem somewhat overwhelming. But honestly trying to put 16 weeks worth of work into context that early probably wasn’t the best idea on my part. Continue reading

Assignment 3 Reflection Koshy


I took video of the rehearsals of a play titled Waiting for Godot produced by a campus theatre organization called Penny Dreadful Players. I had to capture footage for this assignment without remotely getting in the way of a busy production crew during rehearsals for the play. This meant that I was always getting out of the way of someone moving props or setting up lights, sometimes interrupting my shot. I feel like this was a good experience because it might continue to come in handy to practice getting my shots and leaving without really getting in the way of anyone at a given scene. I also managed to get an interview with a cast member to include into my video. Learning to add lower third titles, adjusting audio levels when using different clips, how to select only audio or only video from a selection on premier Pro are all useful lessons I learnt through this assignment.

Assignment 3 Video Essay: Koshy


Preparing for Play.

The theatre group Penny Dreadful Players presents Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, a dark comedy going to be presented at the Stock Pavillion, UIUC on 18 and 19 September 2015.

You can find additional details to the event here.

I was at rehearsal for the show as they went into their final week of practice before the show went up this weekend. You can find the video essay here.

Assignment 2 Reflection Pool


Candy Machine

Assignment 2 was ran smoothly for me for the most part. I had a lot of fun shooting with the camera and playing around with different still shots. The part that proved difficult for me was the sound. I was not used to the recording device given to me for the class. I worked with it to make sure I knew how to use it, but I recorded on my phone just in case it didn’t work. Looking back, I would have liked to record someone checking out. I got a little snip of it at the end of my video, but not as much as I would have wanted. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this shoot, but it was definitely a learning experience. You can view my video without sound here. The video with sound can be viewed here.

Soccer is fun – Koshy


Soccer is fun- both to play and photograph

For this assignment, I had a couple of ideas I wanted to pursue for the photo essay. The first was to shoot inside the kitchen of a restaurant with some oriental and unique cuisine. I thought I could get some unique photos of interesting looking food but I hit a roadblock when most oriental restaurants in and around campus refused to show me their kitchen! Instead I chose to shoot soccer practice at the fields near the Ikenberry Commons. I wanted to focus on the expressions of faces as the players kicked the ball, try some interesting angles from the perspective of the goalkeeper and other shots you would not normally be able to see during a live game. I experimented shooting in Sport mode on my camera for better captures of the fast motion in front of me. This worked very well. While trying to collect audio, I used two different tracks on Premier Pro: one the sound of players as they kicked and ran and two the background noise of locusts in the trees. Combined together, it provided a pretty authentic sound that I was happy about.

You can find my photo essay without audio here.

You can find my photo essay with the added soundtrack here.

Langhorne Reflection 1

My first camera experiment was a bit difficult for me. I discovered that my hand was not very steady but I did have some good ideas to shoot. I need more time with my tripod. I had to ask a lot of my peers questions but it did help me. I got to familiarize myself with who they were as well as get input. I did ask professor Collins a lot of questions but I tried to ask others first. I need to get better at editing and figuring out a better way to do transitions. I love dissolve. That feature kind of makes everything flow. I have not yet discovered if there are other features like that on adobe pr. but it’s so advanced I can bet there is. After watching my video on youtube I could tell it needed work. The shots were not terrible individually but collectively it could have been smoother. I am going to just do some shooting with my camera so I can get the feel of it. I think along with more practice on Adobe will help me precise my hand and improve my footage taking skills. I was a little stressed but it’s getting better.

My video can be found here.