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Group reflections for final project

Overall, I think everyone did great and I see the growth in all of us! Below is a breakdown of my opinion of each group’s final project:

Voices from The Field – I’m one who doesn’t really follow athletics, so to view your overall project and learn something is really impressive to me. I really liked the timeline of events starting from the 1960s on your Weebly website. It’s really imperative to acknowledge the history of events like protesting, in order to move forward. To see that even in the Olympics, athletes stood for a cause—The Black Panther Movement—is amazing. Currently, we have Colin Kaepernick who has brought attention to the racial injustices and he has definitely had an effect on the Nation because other athletes including high schoolers has followed suit. For the news package, I wish it was a little bit more impactful. The pictures/b-roll to go over the SOT’s were on screen for too long, so a variety of shots would have been great or even some action from athletes. Also, potentially more interviews could have helped. But, great job with bringing awareness to this issue and including the history and current state behind it!


Mental Health – I love how you guys was able to capture Ms. Cate’s genuine and optimistic personality. My favorite part of the interview was within the first minute when she said, “I think I would ask Alzheimer’s, how is it living with Cate?” She is so strong and being able to capture that on camera is to be commended. Great soundbites and a variety of camera shots! Also, I really appreciate your group’s infographic. It’s so important to acknowledge that students are often affected by mental health whether personally from their own experience or knowing someone who is. I found it very interesting that most are diagnosed with anxiety or depression and that they are typically sophomores or seniors in college. I would love to research why that is the case. I liked the audio package too because you all took advantage of phone interviews just as guest speaker, Charlie Meyerson recommended when an in person interview cannot happen. Overall-great job team!


Colorism – The website was very fitting to the topic; each image corresponded with each subcategory very well. The first thing I watched was the photo-essay and I really liked the creative spin you guys put on it. To use zoom ins, zoom outs and soundbites of the people in the image was a nice touch; it created a sense of warmth. For the news package, I liked how Kim mentioned the colorism she faced in Korea. Typically, when one think of colorism it’s usually black skin in comparison to white skin, but intraracial colorism is a real thing too. Furthermore, speaking on Kim, she was very honest in her actualities, so that says a lot about your group—you all made her feel comfortable and a sense of trust was built. However, I wish the package had better b-roll to go over the SOTs.