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Assignment 3 Pool Reflection

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Getting a good stretch in before working out

I enjoyed filming assignment 3 because I chose to shoot fast moving content. Although some of my clips turned out a little shaky, I was trying to emulate the fast pace movement of working out. It was a little awkward bringing in my equipment to a public place, but I focused on my project and got it done. It was also nice finding someone that would let me film them because not everyone is comfortable with having someone film them. If I could go back, I would have liked to shoot more cardio and intense working out rather than muscle exercising. Overall, I know what I need to improve for next time including watching shaky film and holding the camera on certain shots. I had no problem with editing, so that part went smoothly.

Assignment 3 Pool News Story


Gym shoes laced up for the gym

Move it or Lose it!

  Hitting the gym is a part of some people’s every day lifestyle. There is always a mix of physical activities you can choose from at Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE). They have anything from machines, to running on the track, to playing sports. Maggie Benson, a student at the University of Illinois visits the gym regularly to keep in shape. She enjoys muscle strengthening by doing workouts on the ground and cardio workouts on the machines. CRCE is a popular workout destination for students at the University.

Keeping up with physical activity is good for your health. There are plenty of benefits for going to the gym. Exercise strengthens your heart, lowers your blood pressure, helps brain function, and much more. Livestrong.com came out with an article about the benefits of going to the gym. The article can be found here. You can view Maggie’s workout routine here. Maybe you’ll pick up on some new fitness tips!