The Final Dance

By: Jeffery Berry

A Picture of the dance floor by stage 5

Once I entered into Krannert, there was loud music, chairs, and colorful lights near stage 5. People in attendance were not here to see a play, or opera, nor orchestra. This was a night of fun, and lots of people danced all night long together.

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The Unveiling of New Talent at the Krannert Center

Banner at Krannert celebrating its 50 year anniversary

Today’s performance was another example of how being in FAA 110 has expanded my mind creatively. This show was not something that I would have attended on my own. Everything centered around one musician playing a small array of instruments. I think it was different from what I am used to listening to seeing that I do not usually listen to instrumentation on its own. I think my favorite part was the ending of the first half. He played very short and very different pieces for the audience. All of them were different in some way, whether it be speed, loudness or the overall feeling it evoked in the audience. While I do not think seeing this performance has influenced me to go and expand my music catalog to include more instrumental music, I did fairly enjoy it.  The new artist featured was also the same person who played for the last performance I attended. The two music styles featured were very different.

Colab Dance, Music and Costume Performance

On April 4, 2019, I went to the Boneyard Arts Festival; Colab Dance, Music and Costume Performance at the Krannert Museum for the Performing Arts.  If I had to describe the whole performance in one word, I think I would choose to say that it was peculiar. Everything from the location to the attire to the actual performance.

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The San Francisco Symphony At Krannert Center

This past Wednesday, we went to see the San Francisco orchestra. My favorite part of the performance was the ending. I liked when everyone began to get louder and sped up their performance. It had an exciting energy and seemed liked something I would hear in an action movie or a thriller.  

By Alysia Glover

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Sounds of the Symphony

Amazing people making heavenly sounds.

I really enjoyed all three pieces. My favorite part was when the violins took over the pieces. I really like the sound of the violins over the other instruments, but I think when everything came together it sounded beautiful. The music didn’t seem sad or anything, I got a Disney princess feel from most of the music. It made me flash back to when I was a kid.

My favorite part of the concert was the solo violin. It literally brought something special to the concert. His sounds conflicting with the symphony as a whole, made for a great sound. I really loved when he did the high notes because they really caught my ear. Sometimes, all of the songs sounded the same, but when he came into play with the solo it really brought a whole different perspective. I also really loves when the music was upbeat (allegro) and exciting.

Throughout the concert, I really noticed when the violinists would flip the pages to keep up with the music. It was noticeable because they did it in unison. I also noticed when the other instruments left the stage because it just seemed bare without everyone up there. I think it was more visually pleasing when everyone was up on the stage.

Overall, the San Francisco Symphony was pretty good. However, I’m still not a huge fan of symphonies.

More than dance

By Claudia Johnson

The first professional tap dance show I have ever seen turned out to be completely different than I had expected.

For my third show at Krannert, I got to see Dorrance Dance perform 3 different pieces. I won’t lie, after the first performance I did not think the rest of the show would be very great. As a dancer myself, I find that I am usually very in tune with what the artist is trying to convey to their audience.

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The Dorrance Dance

The art of storytelling through the art of tap dancing

By: Jeffery Berry

The theatre that hosted The Dorrance Dance

The Dorrance Dance was a very intriguing and wonderful performance. These dancers did more than simply tap their feet to music. The dancers of this event put an amazing show which was vividly expressed through the loud applause from the audience. This was one of the best and most grooviest tap dance performances to be shown at KCPA.

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The No Longer Silence Experience

by Alia Radzi

Renee Conducting

I think it is very interesting to see a whole different kind of art portrayed that I am not familiar with. On many occasions, I take the most notice of visual art, as it is most apparent to appreciate. Only through the last couple of years, have I realized that art, can be expressed through all our senses. Thus, it takes a while for me to adjust, and understand the direction of these “performances”. When Renee Baker spoke in class, it is almost enchanting, as she expressed her work with such eloquence and drive, that when the snippet of her work was shared, you can feel the energy and direction she had. It’s interesting, difficult and seamless at the same time! However, I must admit, despite it all, I don’t think I am ready to start popping popcorn to watch a silent film modified with music as a leisure past time just yet.