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Feeling a little down, go watch a comedy!

by Xuan Huynh

The play “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum” grace the Krannert Center with endless laughter and joy. While watching the performance, I felt fatigue and tired because I was sick but that did not interfere with the amazing experience I had! I walked in the theatre feeling sleepy, but I walked out the happiest person ever.

Being said, I enjoyed every moment of the performance. All aspects of the performance were hilarious and very entertaining; the scenes, costumes, and unique characters were incredible! The actors were my favorite part of the play because they made my experience feel more authentic. Even though I knew the dialogue and behaviors were scripted, the actors made the plot feel so genuine. In addition, I loved when they acknowledge the audience. Frequently, they would say a comment to us or throw an object towards us. Those actions made me feel apart of the show.

All of the characters were comical but the character playing the slave couldn’t stop making me laugh. She was hysterical! Her approach, diction, entire presence was outgoing and riotous. On top of that, I was obsessed with the relationship she had with her “master”. Before watching the performance, I had some controversy about the show. I love watching comedies but I didn’t understand how they could turn a gruesome part of history into a laughable matter but they didn’t have the typical, awful relationship I imagine a slave would with her master. They had a considerate, playful relationship. To add on, the statue is another part of the play that I absolutely adored. At first, I thought she was a prop so her character really shocked me. Her reactions towards conversations were hilarious.

Furthermore, I thought the character that was dressed as a half woman and half man was amusing because it was so different and very effective. Whenever the character’s side faced towards me, it really looked like the gender the actor is trying to portray. Wrapping it up, throughout my life, I did not see many live performances but watching this play inspired me to attend a lot more performance because I had a lot of fun.

Instead of tragedy comes comedy tonight

Written by Syed Ali

Throughout the month of October, the Krannert Center of Performing Arts held the musical play A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. The play employed various jokes, expressions, and situations to bring out endless laughter from the audience. The slogan “Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight!” held true as the musical comedy made an interesting inquiry into freedom and making light of a situation.

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