A Journey Through Multimedia Journalism


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A photo of myself.

Just signing up for this class stressed me out. I knew it would be full of projects and equipment I didn’t know how to use. I was right but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. I learned SO much, by messing up and trying again and asking for help. Asking for help is key in this class, and starting the project early. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Starting early will save you from missing an assignment or pulling an all-nighter.

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Don’t Believe Me Just Watch

IMG_0132For Assignment 4 we were to create a video essay. I was so excited because we had mainly¬†focused on stills before this point, and I wanted to begin experimenting more with video. For this assignment I joined my friend at her band practice. Continue reading “Don’t Believe Me Just Watch”

Sights and Sounds of Illini Basketball

IMG_0121Where last week my issues stemmed from capturing the basketball game, this week all my issues were technical. I went into the lab and sat down and though to myself I have no idea what to do. I legitimately didn’t even know where to start.

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Assignment 1 Musolf

From below the McFarland Carillon

The first day of Journalism 215, I’ll be honest, I was terrified. I have little to no experience with things like this. I have a smart phone and have used iMovie about once. After reading Joseph Gelman’s blog from last semester, I found that I was not alone. Gelman was also nervous and unfamiliar. His blog, found here, showed his similar apprehensions.

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