Air Over Muscle

Written By Tim Gao

This is my first time attending a show features dancing. Long before I went to the show, I’ve already heard about Cynthia Oliver, a famous dancer. Although on that night she did not show up during the show, but her students successfully brought us a wonderful show.

Photo By Tim Gao

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Photo Essay- The Path

Part of the path with the river alongside

Assignment 2 was all about the photo essay. I was pretty eager to start this assignment and hear the criteria for it. It seemed like it was going to be a fair, interesting, and thought-provoking assignment, but then Professor Collins added another twist to the assignment. She challenged us to add themes of fear, afraid, hopeful, and excitement. When this part of the assignment was added, I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I started thinking and had a few ideas. The one I chose to go with was nature-filled and I even got more ideas along the way, which was good.

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Assign3Stephens “Traffic and Nature”

For our third assignment, we are making a video about something with a start, middle and end. We are still free to be creative with our work, and experiment with our cameras. I named my video “Traffic and Nature.” In my attempt to be artsy, I filmed some scenes of traffic, panned up to the sky and then contrasted the traffic with some scenes in nature. One problem I’m experiencing is having the camera shake when I’m panning in any direction. This is especially problematic when you’re filming something in motion that can’t be recreated. I can’t think of a remedy other than getting more experience at having a steady hand.

Assignment 1 Casati

Sunflowers at the arboretum

For this assignment I went to the arboretum in Urbana in order to get to know my camera. Before this assignment I was extremely nervous to go out and shoot, as well as complete the editing on time. I didn’t necessarily know what to expect while shooting, and I really didn’t know anything about putting the shots together in a program. After completing the assignment, I am feeling better about shooting and editing, however I am still nervous for future projects. While I learned a lot about my camera during this project, I still feel that I have a lot to learn with my equipment in order to make my projects look more professional. I am hoping to learn more with each new project.

My video can be viewed here.

Contrasting Construction Lerner- Assignment 3

campus arboretum walk-way entrance
campus arboretum walk-way entrance

I titled my third assignment for multimedia, contrasting construction because of the alternating photos between shots of construction on campus and shots of nature. For this assignment, the editing process was minimal because we just had to put our audio in with our already completed photo essay. It did seem to be a good introduction into editing audio though, because I still used audio transitions and had to line up the audio clips exactly with the photos they were taken with. Overall, I think contrasting construction turned out well, check it out here!

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Ohmer Assignment 2: Exploring the Quad

A photo from under the McFarland Carillon
A photo from under the McFarland Carillon

I was more optimistic coming into Assignment 2 than I was for Assignment 1. The struggles and stress of Assignment 1 were behind me, and I was getting ready to tackle the next challenge. At first, I thought that everything would be smooth sailing, but when I went out in the field to shoot for the assignment, it seemed like everything I did could not go right. After dealing with numerous difficulties, I kept my head in the right place and stayed determined to finish the assignment. When it was all said and done, I was happy with the work that I produced.

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Assignment 2 Lerner

Green Street construction
Green Street construction

Assignment 2 was a really cool experience for me. The idea of having a theme to our photos seemed a bit abstract when I first heard it, but it made me look at my surroundings differently which is a huge part of being a journalist and finding stories. While walking down Green Street to go get a hair cut, my eyes seemed to latch onto the absurd amount of construction going on just within a few block of campus. So I went back the next day with my camera and took some shots construction and newly built buildings that clearly like different than other parts of the Campus Town area. Although I liked the construction theme, it felt like it could have been a bit more visually appealing, which is where I came up with the idea for contrasting shots of nature. I thought it made for an appealing back and forth between shots, and more visually interesting as well. Here’s the work I put together for assignment 2!

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