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A Night at the UGL-Assignment 3

For our third assignment, we had to record and edit natural sound into our picture essay that we completed for assignment 2. While it seemed like a pretty straightforward task, I ended up realizing how easy it is to make a mistake. Continue reading

Assignment 2 Gibson Reflection


I specifically liked completing this project because it allowed me to test out what I learned from the first assignment. I was listening to this song by The Shins called “Simple Song” and it made me think of waking up and just getting through my day in a way that would impact others somehow. With that in mind, I decided to capture every day moments from waking up to going to class to ending the day with just staring at the night sky as it fades to black.

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Assignment 2 Bradley

With the second assignment, I experienced a few more difficulties than I did with the first. Overall I’m happy with how my project turned out, but as with anything in life, there are some things I wish I would have done differently.


Some photos turned out nice.





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