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Mastering Multimedia Confidence

My Story…


My trip to New York this spring break with the College of Media.

I’d like to start by addressing next semester’s multimedia class: don’t panic, you will get through this with your sanity in tact! As someone who has only worked in print journalism since high school, the idea of putting forth eight multimedia assignments over the course of the semester was daunting to say the least. Looking back, this class has been an invaluable addition to my journalism course work at the University of Illinois.

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Reflection 1 Nolan


Last class I was assigned to read James Pender’s blog posts. I found his reflections to be reassuring because he was just as unfamiliar with the equipment and software as I am. I was glad to hear at the end of the semester how much confidence he gained in video editing and camera usage. Like James, I thought I was in over my head after attending the first class, but I decided to stick it out.

For our first assignment we were required to take various shots and videos on our cameras to make us more familiar with the equipment. I initially looked on YouTube for tutorials on how to use the camera. That was really helpful.  I decided to shoot in my apartment and at my sorority house. My room mates have dubbed me “Steven Spielberg”.  We then used Adobe Premier to create a video to upload to YouTube. I’ve never used the program before but Professor Collins was great about giving us step by step directions and I caught on pretty quickly. I’m at square one and it can only go up from here. I feel so much more knowledgable, and it’s only the second week of class.

My final video can be viewed here.