Ohmer Assignment 3: Exploring the Quad (With Audio)

Up in the Bell Tower of Altgeld Hall

To say the least, I was relieved when I heard that Assignment Three did not require us to go out into the field to do any work, but rather just enhance what we already created in Assignment Two by adding natural sound. Knowing this, I was pretty positive when I came into this assignment because I already had almost half of it complete!

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Ohmer Assignment 2: Exploring the Quad

A photo from under the McFarland Carillon
A photo from under the McFarland Carillon

I was more optimistic coming into Assignment 2 than I was for Assignment 1. The struggles and stress of Assignment 1 were behind me, and I was getting ready to tackle the next challenge. At first, I thought that everything would be smooth sailing, but when I went out in the field to shoot for the assignment, it seemed like everything I did could not go right. After dealing with numerous difficulties, I kept my head in the right place and stayed determined to finish the assignment. When it was all said and done, I was happy with the work that I produced.

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