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Lyric Theatre @ Illinois: The Rape of Lucretia

Intriguing title, does not disappoint.

Leah Siegel

Photo by: Leah Siegel
Photo by: Leah Siegel

This week our class saw The Rape of Lucretia, an opera performance put on by Lyric Theatre @ Illinois  (directed by Kirsten Pullen and conducted by Julie Jordan Gunn) at The Krannert Center for Performing Arts (KCPA) in the Tryon Festival Theatre. Lyric Theatre @ Illinois is a division of the School of Music at the University of Illinois. Lyric Theatre @ Illinois is a program dedicated to opera and musical theatre. The program puts on 3 productions each year at KCPA.

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The Lucretia Experience

By: Jeffery Berry

The story of a wife who lived in purity and faithfulness ended drastically due to the jealousy and envy of others.

Today, I went to the Krannert Center of Performing Arts to attend an opera called, “The Rape Of Lucretia.” This was my second time coming to see a performance at the Krannert Center, and I was excited to see what the day had in store.

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The Tragic Story of Lucretia

Written by Lesly Marroquin

A Roman legend that discusses the tragedy that started a rebellion to end the Roman Monarchy and birth a Republic.

I was really excited to see an opera for the first time at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, even more so to see an opera in which I have background knowledge. In high school, I took Latin for four years and so I studied Roman history, mythologies, and legends extensively. All which include rich stories that dive into human emotions, morality, and debate human nature.

One of the most significant events is thought to be this incident with Lucretia, because it caused the rebellion that sought to end the days of Rome being a monarchy. From such a tragic and horrific event, the Roman Empire was created.

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Lovely Love Story

Written by Sihan Wang

Last night I went to Krannert center Tryon Festival Theater watched a romantic comedy La Bohème, the play was written by Giacomo Puccini, an Italian writer. When I went to inside the theater it was pretty quiet.

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Tragic Opera Night: La Boheme

Written by Syed Ali

On the last week of October, the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts presented the famed opera: La Bohèmecomposed by Giacomo Puccini. The opera and scene moved the audience to tears with its storytelling and music.

The stage held the orchestra underneath and the cast above, with stage props and lighting complementing the drama invoked by the music. The playful use of props made the opera feel more lifelike, especially in the beginning where Rodolfo and his friends (some of the main characters) casually swapped their red blanket and chairs. The characters relationships were portrayed from their singing and physical interactions; their expressions, movement, and voice inflection showed how they felt.

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Take me out to the Opera!

A night full of tunes that will awaken your mind with ease.

By Xuan Huynh

On Thursday night at the Krannert Center, I went to the opera for the first time and thought it was pleasing. My experience would have been better if the subtitles were lower. I noticed myself missing some details from the performance because I constantly had to look up. For future references, I know to sit further away from the stage.

I want to begin by acknowledging how amaze I was at the actors delightful vocals. Even though I wasn’t able to comprehend the lyrics, I was obsessed with their voices and sound. Their pitches were very high and dramatic but still very soothing. My best friend loves to sing, and she always talks about how difficult it is to stay on a high pitch for a long time, but the actors were able to do it with ease, so it really impressed me.

Furthermore, the visual and sound elements helped me construct the characters, their association and their universe. The setting, prop and costume helped established the time era they were in. They wore medieval style clothes, used fire as the source of light, and the dialogue was old-fashioned. In addition, the lighting and orchestra complimented the actors’ emotions, actions and development. For example, whenever something dramatic would happen, the volume would increase. Sometimes during the opera, I wouldn’t look up and just imagine what they could be saying to each other and the dramatics of the orchestra helped tremendously. 

La Bohème: A Unique View into Young Love

Written By: Nora Guerrero
When one images an opera, one may think of a very large venue with cascading seats above and attendees in their long dresses and fancy suits. However, this was not the case for what I experienced at my first opera. La Bohème, directed by Nathan Gunn and joined by conductor Donald Schleicher, made for a sweet combination of talent reflected in the music and the actors. If you have not been to an opera before, this may be the best to watch to dip your feet in the waters.

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