The Last Blog

By: Jeffery Berry

This semester has been very fun and intriguing. It was a pleasure to be apart of the Krannert center atmosphere over the last few months. When I first signed up for this class, I knew we were going to spend a lot of time at Krannert, but I didn’t know that I would be experiencing performances that were once in a lifetime.

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Starting the journey of arts –Final Reflection

Starting the journey of arts

FAA 110 is the first general education course for me at U of I. I had a great time taking this course.

By Rui.

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And it’s a Wrap

By: Alia Radzi

Source: Pixabay

Looking back, this semester has been a terrific whirlwind. Coming into the semester, I knew I was taking an easier load, and I wanted my final semester to be filled with things that I enjoyed. I had taken this class back in sophomore year and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so, that I was fixed on taking this class again.   

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The Dorrance Dance

The art of storytelling through the art of tap dancing

By: Jeffery Berry

The theatre that hosted The Dorrance Dance

The Dorrance Dance was a very intriguing and wonderful performance. These dancers did more than simply tap their feet to music. The dancers of this event put an amazing show which was vividly expressed through the loud applause from the audience. This was one of the best and most grooviest tap dance performances to be shown at KCPA.

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The rape of Lucretia was a very interesting opera, and also served as my first one. I learned a lot, but ultimately believe my first will also be my last.

By: Daniel Corry

Truth be told, I have never seen an opera before, and only think of big women in large viking hats whenI think of the word. I also thought they were solely in Italian, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear english, as well as see the words projected on the screen.

Upon finishing the show, I can thankfully say I was more impressed than with the interpretive dance from our last event. There was a coherent story, and I actually felt emotion for Lucretia. The narrators were probably the two characters who pulled me most out of the story. They were from a different time period, and rather than pushing the story along, the simply seemed to push christian values into the story in an inorganic manner.

My favorite part; as odd as it sounds, was probably the actual rape of Lucretia. I genuinely felt rising tension and disgust, but with a larger message of the disgusting predatory actions men genuinely committed hundreds of years ago, and still commit to this day.

If I were the director, I would have tried to make that connection more obvious through those two narrating christian characters, but overall I thought they did a good job! Again, I simply think the style of opera is not for me, but it was still an enjoyable performance and night!

My First Show At Krannert

By: Jeffery Berry

This is what I saw when I entered into the Krannert Center tonight. There were people everywhere. Adults were talking and kids were playing. However, majority of the crowd was in line purchasing tickets and headed straight to their seats. I was surprised to see lots of older people instead of students. I was expecting to see more students due to the event being on campus but I was mistaken once I stepped in to the Center.

When I sat down in the theatre, I was able to see lots of people preparing for the Jupiter String Quartet. The lights went dim and all conversation ceased almost immediately. The audience, including myself, zoned our attention towards the stage. The violinist came out and performed masterpieces. Then dancers entered the stage and danced in an old Tai Chi tradition. It seemed as if they were meditating to the music with every movement. I was most intrigued with how they flowed to the complex melody. If I were the director of tonight’s show, I would’ve joined the performers on stage in the final bow because it was perfect. I would not change anything about the performance. I was amazed with how the event played out.

At the end of the performance, there was a roaring standing ovation which the performers were well deserving of. I was happy to be exposed to such culture and talent. Being a young African American male from the westside of Chicago, you are not presented with these kind of opportunities. I originally thought the performance would be boring and slow, but it was the opposite. I was intrigued at the performers and how they would fall off cadence to add more dramatics to the show and easily come back into syncopation whenever they wanted. I truly enjoyed my first show at the Krannert Center, and I look forward to attending future shows, not only for this class, but for personal pleasure.

Final Reflection

Written By Tim Gao

In the blink of an eye, it was already the end of the year. This class, Art in Motion, not only provides me so many opportunities to experience these wonderful shows happened in the school, but also helps me to learn a variety of culture which related to the shows. It was very joyful discussing the shows in the class, because each show is unique, thus we are excited about going to the shows and looking forward to enjoying more arts. Talking about the background of the show helps me better understand what is going on during the show. And I feel that I was getting more interests from this class after watching so many shows. Sometimes, I will tell my friends the contents of the shows and they are attracted by these dramas and orchestras. I really proud that I joined this class because this is so much fun!

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Puppets with a POP!

Written by Andrew Duran

This past Thursday night, I had the opportunity to attend No Blue Memories-The Life of Gwendolyn Brooks. This performance was beyond anything I could have expected and displayed a style of puppets that was creatively outstanding.

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A Funny Thing Happened Indeed

Written By: Nora Guerrero
There’s a certain type of vibe that fills the atmosphere when you’re sitting in a theatre, waiting for the play to begin. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is one to watch. The anticipation of the lights dimming, and the music beginning, is all very exciting. After a long week of classes, decompressing at a play Thursday night was not how I imagined my night to go, but I am so glad it did.

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